The West Edmonton Mall

Every country, state and city has their own personal attractions. Whether it is a tall sky scraper or a nice park but every city is known to be famous for their own main attraction. The West Edmonton mall is the biggest attraction for the city of Edmonton Alberta. Even though there are many other great sights to visit in Canada such as the tower in Toronto, Niagara Falls etc The West Edmonton mall is a completely different sight in it self.

The West Edmonton mall is the largest shopping centre in all of North America. On a global scale it is said to be the fifth largest in the world just giving you an idea of its magnitude. The founders and creators of the mall were two Iranian immigrants that had a vision of building a six million square feet mall that included everything that one could imagine. The cost of building this master piece was in the region of about one billion Canadian Dollars. The mall currently offers more than 800 different shops and services and can accommodate parking space of up to 25,000 vehicles.

The West Edmonton Mall has been a great investment for the state as it introduced over 25,000 jobs for the locals. Even though the world is currently going through a global epic, business in the mall seems to be running smoothly. With there being so much to offer one does not know where to start. The West Edmonton Mall was one of the first malls to accommodate a full size swimming pool and amusement park within its facility. Just by those two major attractions I’m sure you can understand the scale at which this mall has been created. The main goal of the founders and creators was to ensure that they could practically offer every possible service needed and wanted by the public.

The Mall is known to accommodate over 500 world wide brand names include Gucci, D&G, Harvey Nichols and the list goes on. The idea was to incorporate pleasure, shopping and accommodation all into one area. The West Edmonton Mall is known to also offer a five star luxury hotel for those that wish to stay. This is known to be one of the most high in demand hotels in all of Edmonton seeing that everything is in walking distance. They have offered cinemas, lagoons, water parks and sand boxes for the younger generation.

One can simply not get bored at the West Edmonton Mall and requires at least four to five days to view the entire mall properly so that they can experience all the things that they have to offer. If you are planning to visit Canada any time soon as a tourist destination then we highly recommend that you consider staying at the West Edmonton mall for a five day period. Your experience at that mall will be one that you and your kids will cherish for years to come. For further information about the services and facilities that they have to offer, you can simply visit their website.