Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent Or The Realtor®

As the seller, it's up to you whether or not you hire a real estate agent.  Make sure you understand what a REALTOR® can offer you when you make your choice.

Fully licensed in the province of Alberta, we offer you the service available when you want the advantages of working with a real estate brokerage as well as the greater MLS® system.  In exchange for the services we render, you will pay us an amount of commission of the sale of your home that we agree to prior to working together.  This amount of commission is based on the final selling price of the home. 

A REALTOR® is legally obligated as should perform, without question, the services below:

  • Put together the listing agreement which is your formal contract with the agent and brokerage.
  • Go over the process with you in explicit detail.
  • Give you an evaluation of your property that compares it with other listings in your neighborhood as well as those that have recently sold.
  • Go over some useful tips on things you can do to improve your home.
  • Craft and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote your property for sale.
  • Speak with and pre-screen potential buyers and show the home at agreed upon times.
  • Negotiate the best offer available to purchase your home and present any counter offers you may wish to present in a professional manner.
  • Generally go over the financial and legal responsibilities you have when selling your home.
  • Provide assistance to you to complete the sale of your home.

The market today offers many options to consumers, including selling themselves.  It's important to assess how well you will handle the pressure and time commitment of being solely responsible for this process if you are thinking of going it alone.  Many of the listings you see with for sale by owner signs out front will end up being sold by a REALTOR®.  While saving the commission is very attractive on the surface, underneath it can be a complicated and stressful process if you don't have assistance.  There are over 145 steps that you must go through to complete a real estate sale and it's important to acknowledge whether you are ready for this burden.

We provide many services to sellers, including making sure the home is priced correctly in the current marketplace.  Comprehensively marketing your home online is a big priority for us, and we make sure your home is visible to as many people as possible.

A major advantage of working with us is the exposure your home will get through the MLS® system.  This network of REALTORS® ensures that the maximum amount of people in Edmonton will be able to view your home and assess whether it matches their criteria.  The more eyes that see your home, the more it will sell for.

Overall, selling a property is not as simple as it may seem sometimes.  It does involve large amounts of money, strict legal guidelines and the potential for costly errors.  Our team can make sure that when you sell your home it meets all the requirements needed and you leave the transaction with the largest amount of profit possible.

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