Private Mortgage Loans

You’ve made the rounds of the banks and lenders and now you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged. It’s difficult to get a mortgage if you’re new to Canada, or you’re job history isn’t perfect. Even if you have the 10% down, the banks still say no 

There are many reasons that good, honest people, like you are turned down by regular lenders.  Maybe your credit is less than perfect, you’re self employed, or work under contract, don’t despair!  Your credit score, work history, or how you’re paid is not important.

You CAN buy the home of your dreams if you at least have 10% down and the ability to pay your mortgage.

Get the information you need to put yourself in your own home and stop paying your landlords mortgage NOW! 

We can help you get qualified if you have:

  • 10% Down or Greater
  • Have Poor Marginal or No Credit
  • New To Canada
  • Newly Self Employed
  • Have Declared Bankruptcy or Currently In Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Good Income
  • Looking For A Rent o Own
  • An Investor Looking For Creative Financing
  • Looking For Assumable Mortgage

Just fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly to get the process started.

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Mortgage values are calculated by Sierra Interactive based on the listing price provided in the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton listing data feed.

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