Edmonton Home Styles

When looking for a home in Edmonton, factors such as location and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms always come first. But have you thought about the style of your new home? Here is an overview of the main Edmonton home styles. You may be surprised by the diversity.


One-storey living with a finished basement was the norm back in the day and this is the reason why many older single-family homes in Edmonton are bungalows. This trend is currently re-emerging with many developers building modern bungalows with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, especially in the newer neighbourhoods and gated communities in the city. Explore many Edmonton bungalows for sale.

2-Storey Houses

This is one of the most widespread Edmonton home styles. The ground floor typically includes a living room and a kitchen. Depending on the size and layout, you may also find a dining room, a study and/or a family room. Open floor plans are common in newer construction. The upstairs is reserved for the bedrooms. Discover plenty of 2-storey houses for sale in Edmonton.

Bi-Level Homes

These houses are typically shorter and wider compared to their two-storey counterparts. They have a unique style which is worth exploring. As the name suggests, these houses have two levels. The front door is positioned in the middle. When you enter, you find yourself on a landing. There is a flight of stairs which will take you to the upper level and another one which goes down to the lower level. Due to their design, these houses often offer more living space compared to other single-family homes. View lots of Edmonton bi-level homes for sale.

Duplex Houses

The duplex remains a popular Edmonton home style and can be found in both older and newer neighborhoods. The main reason for this is the lower cost compared to a detached house. A duplex is basically one building split in half so that there are two individual homes, each one with a separate entrance. Traditionally, the two homes were built to be completely identical both in terms of architecture and floor plan. However, modern developers have come up with unique designs giving each of the two homes its own personality. Find numerous duplex houses for sale in Edmonton.


These houses are attached to one another to form rows of different lengths. It is common for townhomes to be tall and narrow. They usually have three and sometimes four floors. It is common for the living areas to be on the first floor while the bedrooms are upstairs. Many townhomes come with small outdoor space, usually at the back. Modern buildings often boast with rooftop terraces. Browse abundant townhomes for sale in Edmonton.

There is something for everyone in the range of Edmonton home styles. Consider your needs and preferences to make the best choice.

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