What Is The Best Season To Sell A Home In Edmonton?

Edmonton Spring Home

Spring in Edmonton can be very tempermental, snow and gloom one day, bright sunshine and warmth the next. It takes a few ups and down for spring to finally arrive permanently in Edmonton, but when it does, it's a beautiful thing.

With Lilacs blooming and the bright green of new leaves on the trees, the whole city comes alive. Home owners are outdoors cleaning up the debris that winter and late fall left behind, trips to the greenhouse for plants start and the thoughts of gardens, vacations and back yard bar-b-ques are everywhere.

Talk to any real estate agent, and they will tell you that there are certain seasons that are more favorable to sell your home than others. Often, the best time to list and sell a single family detached home is in the spring.

Most families want to make the purchase of their home and complete the transaction before the summer months, when the kids and family are on summer vacation. Parents are keenly aware that school registrations need to be dealt with -- and who wants to be loading a moving truck in the middle of August? Knowing where you will be living is important for school registration since where you can register your kids fall classes is heavily dependent on where you live.

It makes sense to sell lin the spring. Spring offers the best time of year to showcase your home. After a long winter, the first hints of cherry blossoms and crocuses seem to trigger the “moving bug” in many people. Gardens tend to look their best in fresh bloom, when the leaves are on the trees. Homes appear more appealing when the weather is warming up and buyers tend to be in high spirits.

It’s also us easier to get your home ready for sale at this time of year. If your home needs painting inside or out, it's much easier to get done when the weather is pleasant, and you're itching to be spending more time outdoors. It even seems easier to keep the house cleaner without the winter muck being traipsed throughout every time someone walks through the front door. The only downside to selling in the spring is you'll have heavier competition, since everyone else has the same thoughts you do.

If your price is anything over the 20% (depending on where you live that might be be lower or higher) you can expect the summer months to be a bit slow. To sell an expensive home you need a buyer with deep pockets, and, those buyers are most likely away on vacation - not looking for a home, so that's where selling in early spring or mid fall comes in.

Fall is the next best time to put your home on the market – especially if it's a nice long Indian summer. Connected to the “back to school” mentality, the leaves turning fabulous colors and nice cool crisp temperatures, you’ll have another good shot at selling a family home , often to someone in your neighborhood. Even so, the changing weather also means leaves falling and debris again which makes curb appeal a challenge

If you're selling a condominium or townhouse, they sell well anytime of year. Most often buyers are not faced with contraints of  kids in school and are more concerned about the amenities like underground parking, recreation facilities and nearby shopping and coffee shops. These buyers are happy shopping during any season, so sales will often be a bit steadier.

Vacation properties however, do their best in the spring and summer months. Buyers visit vacation destinations during spring and summer. Selling a vacation property will benefit from being where the vacationers are and won't be just looking at pictures online or in a brochure. It's impossible to imagine water skiing at the cottage when the temperatures are below zero and there's a meter of snow on the ground.

There actually isn't a "wrong" time to put your home up for sale. If you price your home right and make every effort to present it at it's best, your chances of selling your property quickly are still high. Of course if you absolutely have to list in December because of a change in career or a job transfer, you'll have to be more realistic. The hardest time to sell is over the holidays. Buyers minds are more on Christmas shopping and New Years preparations along with all the parties and special events happening around that season. Don't get frustrated though. You never know! Listings have been known to sell even on Christmas Eve!

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