Top 10 Edmonton Neighborhoods For 2016

1. Strathcona - This neighborhood offers a wide variety of style and class due to the many independent, locally owned stores running up and down Whyte Avenue.

2. Glenora - The scenic touch comes from the Saskatchewan River valley. The river is just one of the natural scenes; it is also accompanied by the McKinnon Ravine.

3. Ritchie - The residents enjoys good access to the nightlife of nearby Whyte Avenue and the Mill Creek Ravine entertainment district.

4. Westmount - This neighborhood  has been going through a revitilization period with some home owners building new construction or rehabilitating their current home.

5. Oliver - This central community offers shopping centers, lofts, and apartments from old converted warehouses. It has a cutting edge feel.

6. Garneau - This area are mixed with high rise condominiums, apartments, as well as single family homes.

7. Highlands - A majority of the homes are single family homes, which actually account for 90% of the neighborhood.

8. Downtown - The core of the city can be segregated into five districts: The Commercial Core, The Government Center, The Warehouse District, McKay Avenue and Rice Howard Way.

9. Bonnie Doon - This quiet community is bordered by the Saskatchewan River Valley, Whyte Avenue, Mill Creek Ravine and Connors Road.

10. Crestwood - This neighborhood always has and always will draw interest from the community as it is prestigous and well known for its activities, such as Candy Cane Lane.

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