Spring In Edmonton

The weather has been very pleasant for the last few weeks hasn't it?  All the early signs of an approaching spring are here.

This morning, gazing out the kitchen window preparing my morning coffee, I caught a glimpse of birds flutting in the backyard. They're a welcome sight and their chirping just makes the day seem brighter.

The snow is quickly disappearing and more and more people are seen outdoors with light winter coats and jackets. Of course, to the southern birds among us, this is still very wintery, but for we hardy Canadians, it's spring. Even if the trees have not yet put forth any buds, and there aren't any crocus's brave enough to poke through the light layer of snow, it's certain that spring is close and that's enough to get people thinking of gardens, planting flowers, raking lawns, and preparing for the warm days of spring and summer.

With spring, there are more Open House signs on the roadsides and more homes being put up for sale. Spring is generally the time when the majority of sellers decide to sell and buyers turn out in droves looking for that special house they can call home.

For Sellers the work is preparing their homes and yards to showcase their property at it's best. For buyers it's time to sharpen pencils, calculate budgets and make appointments with Banks, Lenders and Mortgage Brokers to determine what they can afford. Once that part has been sorted out, and they're pre-approved, the next step (if it didn't happen before this) is to contact a REALTOR®. It's actually best to interview a few, after all you are entrusting the largest investment you will make in your life to them. It's best to find a REALTOR® that you can communicate well with, who takes the time to understand your unique situation, and is dedicated to representing you in the sale.

The Best Edmonton Real Estate Team is a group of dedicated REALTOR®S® who work full time. Their specialty is Buyers; and they take the representation of buyers seriously. You never have to be concerned that they are serving their own or the sellers interests because, they are true buyers agents and represent only the buyer in the transaction. Whether you're a first time buyer or a season investor, having a REALTOR® you can trust working for you is your best insurance. Their expertise and wise advise will help protect you from making any unwise decisions. 

The will always recommend that you have a home inspection for instance. Of course, the final decision is yours, but it only takes a small crack in the foundation that you missed to make a good deal extremely costly after the fact. The truth is, a home inspection is the best insurance you have prior to buying a home, and that applies to new homes as well as resale. Sure, it's a few extra dollars but it's also better to invest a few hundred and have peace of mind then to save that few dollars and end up spending thousands later.

Whether you're buying or selling, having a REALTOR® represent you your best insurance. For secure and trusted representation, call us today and see how our services can make a difference.

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