Smart Appliances: Edmonton Homes of the Future

Smart technology has facilitated a dramatic shift in the way we live and work. Thanks to tech like smart phones, the easy access we enjoy to computing power is unprecedented. Smart technology has redefined the way we interact with the outside world, now it wishes to change how we do things inside the home. In the near future, Edmonton homes could feature some of the newest tech the world has to offer, impacting Edmonton real estate significantly.

Many products already in stores for consumers feature functions that allow users to connect to their smart phones. Some dishwashers and laundry machines can be operated entirely from your phone, including the ability to set cycles and monitor water and energy efficiency. There are microwaves that have sensor technology that can set cooking times automatically. Preparing decadent meals can become easier with new stove tops which feature two ovens that operate independently.

Smart appliances are part of one of the world’s most innovative tech markets. From refridgerators that store grocery lists and allow you to view their contents from the aisle of a grocery store to countertops that tell you your food’s nutritional content, chores are on their way to becoming memory (let’s not forget to mention the ability of your smart phone to connect to and control them all). The future of at home smart technology looks pretty bright.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw 150,000 visitors and included the demonstration of some incredible home appilance advancements.

Whirlpool’s new connected kitchen suite is already available in Canada and features a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher all centrally controlled by a smartphone app. The control elements include the ability to set temperatures and adjust cooking times on the range. The app will also give consumers the ability to put the fridge into party mode; ramping up ice production and the cooling of wine.  Whirlpool’s new appliances are even compatible with Nest thermostats and will modify cycle times while you are away from the house in order to reduce energy and water consumption.

One of the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) stand-outs was Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator. It has a 21.5-inch, full HD touchscreen that can function as an electronic bulletin board, take voice recordings, features a family calendar, and can double as a window into the fridge. Three cameras inside the fridge give you the ability to see into your fridge from your phone, making it extremely easy to figure out what you need buy on the go.

Best Buy and Home Depot are offering reduced prices on some of its smart appliances in lieu of Black Friday so Edmonton homeowners can be part of the future. LG and Samsung smart washing machines, microwave ovens and stovetop ovens are on sale from 10-30%. They have been going quick so those who wish to pick up some home tech appliances better act fast.

Smart homes are the future of modern living and as the technology grows and changes, so will our relationship with our homes. The future of the home is one that seems bright.

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