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Selling Your Edmonton Home? Boost Your Curb Appeal

 Selling Your Edmonton Home? Boost Your 'Curb Appeal' with These Three Inexpensive Home Makeovers

When somebody is looking to buy a new home their first impression will always be from the photos they are given, which can be easily manipulated to show off the best aspects of a property. So if the photos are intriguing enough what would the next step be? Almost all prospective buyers will drive by the house to see for themselves how it looks in person and if they make an appointment this perspective will be their opening into the home. For sellers to make their chances of closing better they need to make sure their property has ‘curb appeal’ and thankfully there are ways to do that without breaking the bank.

Keep the Lawn and Gardens Well...

Fresher Food, Edmonton Farmers Markets

Prefer Your Foods on the Fresher Side? Try Shopping at These Farmers' Markets Located Throughout Edmonton

Tired of eating the same packaged and processed foods? Maybe just looking to add something fresh and new to the diet? Perhaps there is a nagging feeling to eat some produce that is Edmonton grown and support local farmers. All of these are great reasons to try out one of Edmonton’s many farmers’ markets, where fresh ingredients are being sold next to local meat and produce. Here are three of the most popular markets in Edmonton to give beginners an idea of where to start:

City Market: The World’s Best Farmers’ Market

After a trip to Edmonton a National Geographic blogger named City Market Downtown the ‘Best Farmers’ Market’ in his year end ‘best of’ spectacular. If that’s not enough to pique interest then maybe the large selection of unique local products like Bacon Jam or Chipotle Honey will change minds....

Family Friendly Communities In Edmonton

Having a Baby and Need a Larger Home? Consider a Move to These Family-Friendly Communities Throughout Edmonton

Living in the middle of the city is great for young professionals and newlyweds, but when it’s time to start a family it may also be time to start looking for a bigger home in one of Edmonton’s nicer neighbourhoods. There are plenty of family-friendly communities in Edmonton and each one has its own benefits. It may take some time, but it’s just a matter of searching before finding the perfect place to raise a family.

Jamieson Place: The Complete Community

One of West Edmonton’s most sought after residential neighbourhoods, Jamieson Place is home to Michael A. Kostek School, a popular elementary school, and...