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Date Night: Three Edmonton-Area Art Galleries That Are Perfect for Those New to Art

In 2007 the Cultural Capitals of Canada Program named Edmonton the cultural capital of Canada due in part to its abundance of art galleries that showcase both local artists and artists from across North America. The 124th St. gallery district, close to downtown, has no shortage of art galleries and people don’t need to have an intricate understanding of the art world in order to enjoy what they have to offer. Beginners of all ages are welcomed with open arms, which makes these three Edmonton art galleries the perfect places for an outside the box date night:

Art Gallery of Alberta: The Traditional Option

Edmonton’s main public art gallery, the Art Gallery of Alberta, is located downtown and has a collection of over 5000 works that are both traditional...

Don't Forget The Licenced Home Inspector When Purchasing A Property

Always Use A Licenced Home Inspector

Buying a House in Edmonton? Don't Forget to Have the Home Inspected by a Licensed Inspector - and Here's Why A lot of first time homebuyers shrug off the opportunity to have the house professionally inspected by a licensed inspector before signing the contract. The reasons are always the same: ‘it’s a new house so it doesn’t need it,’ ‘it’s an unnecessary cost’ and most commonly, ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to.’ It doesn’t matter what the reason is, the end result will always be a massive expense to fix something that could have been caught early. Here are three major reasons to always hire a licensed inspector before buying a new home in Edmonton.

Even New Constructions May Have Structural Problems

An inspector will look over the entire structure and system of the house. Electric wiring, plumbing, septic, heating, air and the sewer system will all be looked over...