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Yellowhead Freeway Edmonton – Money and Business Concerns

The Yellowhead Trail is one of the busiest traffic arteries in Edmonton. City fathers have wanted to turn the heavily used commuter roadway into a full blown freeway since 2011 but two major factors stand in the way. One is money to do the improvements; the other disgruntled business owners that claim their businesses will suffer if the roadway is changed.

This past Wednesday the subject of cost was on the table at the counsellors’ meeting. Major Stephen Mandel noted that the city just can’t give the go ahead on a project that will cost several billion dollars without some sort of viable plan. As an example, to create the new interchange at 149th St. would cost in the neighbourhood of $500 million. That’s taking into account the legal fees, purchasing of the land and the ever increasing expenses. Compare that to the interchange at 156th St. that went up in 2006 at a cost of $70 million.

Mandel is in favour of a more cost effective solution, considering...