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Edmonton Real Estate Stats | May 2016

While home prices in the Edmonton remained steady last month, the number of homes in the Edmonton market took a big jump. The average price of a residential home was $374,379. The average days on market was 41.

There were 8,033 residential properties on the market at the end of April, up 18 per cent from the same time last year



Re-Model Your Home Or Built A New One?

For Karen Becker, the sale of her home in the Southwest Edmonton neighbourhood of Skyrattler will be the end to an almost year-long saga. More than three years ago, Becker bought a 1980s-built house in the mature, treed neighbourhood with the intention of coming within inches — the width of the house’s external walls — of tearing it down. But, instead of demolishing the four-level split, 1,400-square-foot home, she hired contractors to strip it down to the studs, turf the popcorn ceilings and start over.

“It was an opportunity to build a house in a mature area without having to start right from zero. It was fun — it was something you want to do once in your life, and that’s good enough,” explains Becker.

Located on a tree-lined street and featuring an easy-to-landscape yard and quick access to Blackmud Ravine, Becker’s house should have sold quickly. Undertaking...

Edmonton Needs Infill Homes

Edmonton Needs Infill....

As Edmonton residents witness tremendous growth and the Council examines and considers potential tools to help facilitate and oversee this rapid change, infill remains near the top of my list of necessary changes.

For neighborhoods that have not been dramatically changed since their construction, infill is often considered a daunting concept. In their prime, these communities were lively places underpinned and strengthened by expanding families, flourishing schools, and booming retail centers. However, as time has passed, the demographics of these maturing neighborhoods have shifted dramatically. New families are smaller, and properties that used to hold large, growing families now house one or two empty nesters. In the last four decades, population has fallen by over 70,000 people.

But infill presents the opportunities these floundering communities, and our entire city, need to revitalize cultural and commercial viability, maintain vital infrastructure,...