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Hi-Tech Garden and Lawn Maintenance Tools

3 Hi-Tech Gardening Tools To Take Your Gardening To The Next Level

Technology is becoming a regular convenience in our everyday life. Many of the things we couldn't do years ago we could now because of technology. One of these things is gardening. With the new technology on the market today, gardeners have the ability to use their smartphones to enhance their gardens. Hi-tech gardening tools take the hassle out of gardening. How? By allowing you to use sophisticated plant monitoring technology and tools. If you live in Edmonton and you’d like to take your Edmonton home gardening efforts to the next level this post is for you. 

Plant Sensors

Plant sensors allow you to track the humidity, light levels, soil moisture, air temperature and the level of nutrition in the soil. A plant sensor lets you know the status of your garden especially if you have other responsibilities in your life that take you away from your garden. If you have an Android...

Living Like The Jetsons

Six Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

As technology moves forward, we are beginning to see significant advancements in smart home technology. Smartphones and smart technology give us the ability to do many of the things we couldn't before. With smart real estate technology, we have more convenience in the home. More people are seeing the benefits of turning their homes into smart homes. If you are interested in turning your Edmonton home into a smart home, then the six steps in this post will help you to do so.

 What Is A Smart Home?

A smart home is a home that uses integrated automated systems that allow homeowners to control different functions in their home with their smartphone, laptop and tablet devices.

1. Smart Lighting

Lighting is a critical part of you home, and with smart lighting, you can control the lights in your home with your smart device. Smart lighting is perfect for setting the mood...

Edmonton Real Estate Stats - April 2017

Edmonton Real Estate Stats April 2017

“Average monthly prices across all categories have increased,” says James Mabey, REALTORS® Association of Edmonton Chair. “Despite slightly slower April sales, the spring buying season is off to a solid start.”

“Inventory levels and unit volumes continues to increase as the weather warms, which is typical for the market at this time of year,” says Mabey.

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Some of Edmonton's Top Neighbourhoods

Edmonton Top Neighbourhoods

Edmonton Top 5 Neighbourhoods

When looking for a place to live there are many things you must consider. Things like the commute and the different amenities available. Are you thinking about moving to Edmonton and need to find the right neighbourhood? Well, this post should give you some direction to help you find the right place for you and your family. In this post, we’ll take a look at Edmonton’s Top 5 Neighborhoods. After reading this post, you should know more about the top areas in Edmonton and find one that suits your needs.

Grovenor, Zone 21

Looking for an affordable neighborhood that’s...