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Urbanization - Canada Real Estates Biggest Trend.

The Canadian economic outlook for 2015 seems to be poised for a steady stable growth. The Canadian economy remains stable and Canadians are still, for the most part, enjoying a prosperous lifestyle.

Real Estate trends change over time, with demands for real estate in differing areas of the city being affected by this. You may have noticed a lot of developments going on in the down town of your city. In Edmonton, this trend is very strong with more and more apartments being converted to condo's and new condo's in various stages of completion and construction.

There's many reasons why urbanization is in high demand. Firstly, baby boomers who are now at the retirement age are no longer interested in mowing lawns and tending gardens. The responsibilities that home ownership represents are no longer as necessary or attractive as they were during...

Eat Fresh – Mothers Farmers Market


Spring is doing it’s best to push through in Edmonton. The temperatures are back to normal spring weather and today the sun is shining in a clear blue sky. It just feels like spring out there doesn’t it?  It’s still a bit early to plant the garden, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying fresh local produce.

It's great to live in a city that has such a wide variety of shopping venus. If you aren't the box store kind of shopper and prefer hand crafted, home baked and home grown stuff, the taking a wander through some of the various farmers markets in Edmonton is a real pleasure. There are several farmers markets in Edmonton. This past weekend we wandered over to Mothers Market at 10251 – 109 St.  They are indoors so regardless...

Spring In Edmonton - A Time To Sow

Spring in Edmonton takes it’s time to arrive and like many gardeners, you may have noticed that it comes later and later each year.

Gardening is more than sticking stuff in the dirt and hoping it will grow. Its work and it takes a bit of knowledge to grow a really successful garden, but the effort is well worth it. The rewards of gardening are many. Aside from the obvious benefit of having fresh garden greens and vegetables, there is the benefit of being outdoors in the sun and the physical benefits of working in the garden, pulling weeds, hilling potatoes.  Another added benefit is fresh flowers filling the air around your home and giving you plenty of fresh cut flowers to enhance your décor.

Bringing the outdoors in...

Edmonton Real Estate Market - Don't Panic

There is a lot of speculation around what will happen with real estate prices with the fall of oil prices and the subsequent threat of lost jobs on a large scale in Alberta. Analysts and forecasters can't agree on the outcome. After all they predicted that interest rates would rise in the first part of 2015. They were wrong, the Bank of Canada lowered interest rates. Some are saying this was a vain attempt to keep buoy up the real estate market and encourage people sitting on the fence about purchasing to make their decision to buy. Others say it was to stall of a market crash.

Real Estate is one of the most stable investments but it is not without it's ups and downs. Like any other investment, real estate rises and falls and home prices increase and decrease based on many economic factors. One argument is that it doesn't matter if interest rates are low, people can't buy if they do not have a means to repay the mortgage. Then there is the question of what happens if there is a job loss...

Edmonton Real Estate Trends

Edmonton Real Estate Trends

It seems everyone is watching the real estate market these days, and for some, with a nervous eye. The big question foremost in everyone's mind seems to be what is going to happen with the Oil prices and how is that going to affect the real estate market. It's a natural reaction when the local economy has become so tightly dependent on a single industry, and that industry has been driving the sale of real estate.

It is normal, however for Real Estate to fluctuate from year to year. It's true that a lot depends on the state of employment, but in the end people have to live somewhere and although there may be a slight adjustment in real estate prices, it doesn't affect anyone who is planning on buying and living in that house for the long term. The only time a fluctuation in price may affect you is if you're planning on selling soon.

Real Estate is subject to the same factors that any investment market is, whether it be stocks and bonds, currencies...

Creative Gardening

If gardening became a national pass time in summer instead of lawn mowing, and each person grew only a 10 by 10 ft garden, the food bill of every family would be reduced and the food crisis would be reduced significantly.

Edmonton gardeningBut, what, if anything does a garden add to the worth of your home? We've come to expect front yards with beautifully green and manicured lawns, backyards with pools and sauna's, green grass, maybe jungle gyms and swing sets...but what about a garden? Whatever happened to the age old tradition of a back yard garden?

In older neighborhoods where the residents are closer to retirement age, gardens are still found and beautiful well tended gardens. Some would argue that with everyone working so much there is no time for gardening, which really isn't the case. My mother worked full time and still...

When To Plant And Cultivate A Garden in Edmonton

Plants in hands

Gardening is coming back into vogue again. Partially because it is one way to cut down your food costs, provide nourishing food for your family, and it is the single most defiant, non violent act of revolution.

Seasoned gardeners know when to plant, what to plant where, how to get maximum production and when to harvest their gardens. Those of us who are just getting into this adventure, don't have this kind of experience. Being as how I am one of those, and last year was my very first gardening experience in Northern Alberta, I discovered there was a lot to learn.

Spring tends to come much later in the Edmonton area then it does to our more southerly neighbors, so starting plants indoors is the best bet unless you want to spend a fortune buying those same plants from a greenhouse. You'll...

Bring In More Buyers With These Spring Home Staging Tips

With the warmer weather and sunny days of spring, you also get rain showers and spring flowers blooming everywhere. To make the most of the season, and of course the fact that there are more buyers out looking for homes this time of  year, especially in Edmonton where warm weather is a real treat, we've collected some useful tips for maximizing your visibility for your spring home sale.

#1. Whip your yard into shape. You absolutely need to get your yard in shape as quickly as possible when you're selling in the spring. Get rid of any yard debris and  plant frost-resistant plants that won't be affected if there is a late cold spell. If that's too big a concern, you can cheat and invest in some silk flowers to add a touch of color that you don't need to water.

Do some spring cleaning, both inside and out. It's natural to want to put an added sparkle on everything. Now with the sunshine streaming through the windows...any streaks or dust on them shows up. Clean the windows...

What Is The Best Season To Sell A Home In Edmonton?

Spring in Edmonton can be very tempermental, snow and gloom one day, bright sunshine and warmth the next. It takes a few ups and down for spring to finally arrive permanently in Edmonton, but when it does, it's a beautiful thing.

With Lilacs blooming and the bright green of new leaves on the trees, the whole city comes alive. Home owners are outdoors cleaning up the debris that winter and late fall left behind, trips to the greenhouse for plants start and the thoughts of gardens, vacations and back yard bar-b-ques are everywhere.

Talk to any real estate agent, and they will tell you that there are certain seasons that are more favorable to sell your home than others. Often, the best time to list and sell a single family detached home is in the spring.

Most families want to make the purchase of their home and...