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New Cell Phone Tower Slated For Hazeldean, Against Resident Wishes

Residents in the Hazeldean area are not pleased that Rogers Communications is being allowed to erect a new cell tower literally in their back-yard. The 20-metre structure is going on property belonging to the Edmonton Good Samaritan Society, despite the lack of community support.

The society previously had promised that it would not go ahead with the installation if the community was against the plan. The property houses the Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre and is at 71st Ave and 96th St.

Local residents signed petitions and procured letters from local representatives, but despite the efforts the fight was lost. Even support from Coun. Kerry Diotte was ineffective. Rogers countered with a statement noting that because of an ever increasing use of cell phones the extra tower was needed.

Rogers did redesign the tower before the Good Samaritan Society agreed to the placement, an attempt to make it more esthetically pleasing. But most neighbours are disappointed...

Consumer Confidence Survey For 2013 Showing Mixed Results

Canadians overall have mixed feelings about how 2013 will shape up economically. The Investors Group, Harris Decima just figured the consumer confidence index. It came in at 77.6 percent for the year’s first quarter. That’s higher than the 75.3 percent seen at the end of March of last year, but a bit lower than November’s 79.0 percent. During the last 12 months, Canada’s consumer confidence hasn’t wavered all that much. Each quarter has changed by an average of two points.

Financial Trends

The report showed that some 25 percent of Canadians think they will be in a better financial position than currently. At the same time 13 percent thought things would not be as sound. The numbers for 2012’s last quarter were 24 percent and 12 percent respectively.  Canadians living in the Prairie Provinces, particularly those between 25 and 44 and male, were more apt to have a positive view of their financial position a year from now.