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Edmonton MLS® Foreclosures

The most common way of purchasing foreclosure properties in Edmonton is through a REALTOR®. Although you will face more competition using this approach, as long as you have a REALTOR® who knows what they are doing and can provide you with some tips, you can make a pretty penny.

Properties on the MLS® are usually listed at fair market value. This is one of the biggest differences when comparing foreclosures in Edmonton and the United States. The ones listed below market value do not stay listed for long. Your REALTOR® is the key to your success here; make sure that you are setup on some sort of automatic update to receive the lasted foreclosure list.

More often than not, there is not enough time for you to do enough research before you write an offer. The mortgage holder is also somewhat reluctant to provide you with any information pertaining to the property. If the property is listed under market value, there’s a real strong chance that you will be...