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Mortgage Secrets Everyone Should Know

Mortgages are not a subject we learn about in high school, although I wish they were.

Credit, interest rates and qualifying for a mortgage are all things that will greatly affect your lifestyle going forward. Some hear about them through friends, family or the Internet.

My concern with this is the mortgage market is a changing and evolving model and it can be a challenge to ensure you’re getting accurate information.

We have mortgage specialist that have been working in the mortgage industry for over 30 years and are still learning new things every day. That being said, there a few mortgage “myths” I hear regularly that I want to take to time to clear up, as I think the more you know about the biggest debt of your life, the better!

You can get a mortgage even if you have a low credit score: Your credit score is only a small piece of the mortgage approval puzzle. In addition to income, down payment, assets and property details, a potential...

Top 10 Edmonton Neighborhoods For 2015

1. Strathcona - Located in the South-Central area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a lively neighborhood called Strathcona. The University of Alberta is conveniently located directly to the West of Strathcona. The ever popular Whyte Avenue is the center point for this area bringing life, culture and excitement to the community.

2. Glenora - Glenora is a great residential neighborhood in west Edmonton. Besides, its prime status of a neighborhood, it also has a scenic touch. The scenic touch comes from the Saskatchewan River valley. The river is just one of the natural scenes; it is also accompanied by the McKinnon Ravine. However, the natural charm of this residential area of Edmonton, Glenora offers many other features.

3. Oliver - Oliver is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Edmonton, Alberta. The community was named after a businessman...

Edmonton Real Estate February Stats

Residential inventory in Edmonton & surrounding areas saw another increase in February, surpassing 6,000 listings on the market, ending the month with 6,681 properties for sale on the MLS System. If you are in the market or thinking of purchasing a home this presents a great opportunity for you to buy.

Despite this inventory growth, prices have moderated only slightly compared to last year, so home owners and sellers can maintain some confidence that housing prices are remaining stable.