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The Pros and Cons of Flat Fee Listing - And Why Listing With Best Edmonton Real Estate Is a Pro

In late October 2010, the Canadian Real Estate Association approved an agreement with the federal Competition Bureau that lets home sellers pay for only the services they want from a real estate agent

Currently, the vast majority of real estate sales are handled by full service agents who charge commissions ranging from 3-6% of the selling price. But Canadians can now hire a Realtor to simply list their property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for a flat fee of a few hundred dollars or less.

Obviously, going this route can save money. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Flat fee advantages:

  • You still get an MLS listing while saving...

7 Ways We Help You Sell Your Home

As a seller, your primary objective when selling your home is to retain as much of your equity as possible. Few sellers realize that by pricing their home properly and according to the condition and location of the home as well as the market results in a faster sale which also means a higher price at selling.

If a home is priced to high, there may be few viewings, and typically no offers. The longer a home sits on the market, the less value it holds to the buyer. Buyers are not just looking at your property. They are looking at numerous properties in their price range. That means your property is competing in every way with every other property on the market that it is comparable to. It is important that the MLS does not sell houses. The MLS is only a listing service and all it can do is expose your property to active realtors working with buyers....


When you’re selling your home, it’s obvious the first priority is that you keep as much of your equity as possible.  Sometimes the high commissions paid to realtors might seem a bit much for you. Although without doubt the commissions are quite fair and realtors work hard for what they do, not to mention their high cost of doing business, licensing fees, real  estate board fees, and the list goes on and on,  it’s still quite understandable that sellers would like to keep as much as possible.

Low Cost Listing Fees

Commission free listing services flourish in a sellers market. When there are less properties available than there are buyers, it’s a bit easier to sell your home.  With the sheer numbers of buyers looking for homes,  the chances of you selling your home yourself or with a company like Comfree that operates with...

Things To Do In Edmonton During Spring Break (March 27 -April 6th 2015)

spring break

Is it that time already? It seems we just got past Christmas and already it's spring break!

With the snow all but gone in Edmonton, and as long as Mother Nature doesn't see fit to dump a whole new load on us, Spring Break 2015 should be a fun time. Kids are restless and wanting to spend some time out doors and out of the classrooms. Hopefully they won't spend their free time glued to their video games and cell phones. There are a lot of things to do in the city come spring break. Here are some suggestions. What is your favorite Spring Break Activity?

Rattle and Strum : Friday March 27th 10:30 a.m.
Maclab Center for Performing Arts - 4308 -50th St. Leduc

"The recipe for fun? Take a scoop of toe-tapping tunes, add a dash of silliness, then rattle and strum until you’re ready to fall over! Rattle...

Spring In Edmonton

The weather has been very pleasant for the last few weeks hasn't it?  All the early signs of an approaching spring are here.

This morning, gazing out the kitchen window preparing my morning coffee, I caught a glimpse of birds flutting in the backyard. They're a welcome sight and their chirping just makes the day seem brighter.

The snow is quickly disappearing and more and more people are seen outdoors with light winter coats and jackets. Of course, to the southern birds among us, this is still very wintery, but for we hardy Canadians, it's spring. Even if the trees have not yet put forth any buds, and there aren't any crocus's brave enough to poke through the light layer of snow, it's certain that spring is close and that's enough to get people...

Is It Boom or Bust? Predictions For Alberta Real Estate

Realtors are constantly asked to predict what the real estate market will do in the coming months or even years, and as much as realtors work in the industry every day, it is impossible even for the most seasoned realtor to predict the future. For instance, no one, not even the expert economists and mortgage bankers predicted that Bank of Canada would reduce it's interest rate in January. All the indicators were, and still are for an interest increase, so that move came as a surprise to everyone, with some banks reacting by reducing their rates to consumers and others not budging an inch, or a basis point.

 In a restaurant recently, I overheard the server telling the table next to me about how housing prices were going up and she'd better hurry and get into the market fast. A few days later at the hairdressers, the woman next to me was complaining about how their realtor was an...

How Can I Sell My Home Fast?

Now that you’ve told the world “I’m selling my house and I want to do it fast, you’ve got some work ahead of you to ensure that you meet your goal and look good to all their audience. Here are a few tips that will help sell your home fast in Edmonton and surrounding areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (780) 328-0944.

Prepare your home
neutral interiorThe first thing to look at are the colours. Colours play an important part in how your home “feels” to prospective buyer. Neutral or muted colours on the walls work best. There is less of a chance that someone will just not like vanilla than there is that they will not care for bright orange right? While you’re living in your home, whatever colours suit your décor are fine, but  when you’re selling, it’s a different...

Tips For Preparing For An Open House

Buyers generally  make their decision to buy a home within the first 5 seconds of entering the house. This is something few sellers realize. Yet, it this is the fact.

This should clearly point out how important that curb appeal, the front door and that first glimpse of the inside of the house is to prospective buyers. Everything is taken in within that first 5 seconds. From the colors, the atmosphere, the cleanliness, it’s “hominess” and with the five senses in play, emotions are ignited.

So what should you, as a seller pay attention to when you’re preparing your home for sale and an open house? Color and light are usually the first thing people notice when entering a room.  Since painting is an inexpensive update can make a dramatic impact on your home, if your walls haven’t been painted in the past...

Is An Open House Really Worth Your Time?

It's a never ending debate...Does holding an open house work? Realtors and home owners alike are evenly divided on this strategy which has been used for a long time. In the days where people actually drove around looking for houses to purchase, this was a very strong selling feature. Statistics show that the number of times  the actual home that the open house is being held in is sold from holding that open house are very low. For a Realtor this isn't necessarily a negative, since anyone attending the open house is a potential buyer; if not of this house, or another home similar. For a Home Owner, selling their own home, It might not be the most effective strategy, but you can't say for sure that the buyer of that home won't attend your open house either. 

It’s a never-ending debate that has become more heated in recent years. Do open houses provide any real...

How to Get People to Your Open House

As a Realtor, one of the questions sellers always ask is, "will you hold an open house?"

Some Realtors feel open houses don't sell homes, others will go out of their way to "sit" an open house. Sitting at an open house most assuredly will not help sell that house. There's a lot of preparation that needs to go into holding an Open House in order to make it successful. Advertising that means something to the buyers that you're trying to attract is primary, but there's a skill to advertising that goes beyond having your "open house" appear in The Real Estate Weekly, (does anyone read those anymore?) or on a google map with a pin and an address. Going the extra mile is what makes an open house successful.

At BestEdmontonRealEstate.com we specialize in Buyers Agents....

What is the Canadian Real Estate Market Outlook for 2015?

The big question for real estate in Edmonton as the peak real estate season approaches is, what will happen in Edmonton Real Estate Market? Buy a house. Don’t buy a house. Soft landing. Crash landing. What can we honestly expect?

The experts were not in agreement in 2014 but this time they are. They agree that prices will fall mostly caused by the recovery of the global economy. They also agree that housing affordability is stretched and low interest rates cannot stay at current levels and will rise.

If the global economy were a ballgame we most certainly would not be headed to the World Series. Europe is still struggling under the credit crunch and oil prices are depressed. Yet, thankfully things are slowly improving in the U.S. and within Canada, and the important teams are still in the game: our employment rate is stable (so far), oil prices are not (yet) low enough to cause...