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Edmonton Real Estate Statistics - November 2016

The Edmonton Real Estate Market continues to remain firm. Most average selling prices increased this month, partially due to the sale of higher priced listings. The all residential median selling price is down from last year, along with single family median and condominiums median.

Single family homes continued to sell well, with the average days on market at 51. However, condominiums and duplexes/rowhouses were both affected by the seasonal market shift.

If you have any questions about the current Edmonton Real Estate Market feel free to let us know. Also check out the latest live market statistics.

Edmonton Real Estate Stats November 2016...

Home Buying During the Holidays: A Smart Decision?

Edmonton Holiday Home Buyers

Anyone who is familiar with the Art of War will know that military deception can be a key to success, in particular, diversion tactics. If a commander is outnumbered in warfare, creating a diversion can be what decides the outcome. Create a diversion, then, while the enemy is distracted, attack. Home buying during the holiday season is very similar, the only difference being the diversion is already provided. While everyone else is busy marveling at lights and eating copious amounts of sugar, you can slip in and snag yourself a pretty great gift – the home that you want at a great price.

Home buying during the holidays gives you, the buyer,...

What to Do in Edmonton this Weekend Dec 2nd - 4th, 2016

December is here and if you are looking to enjoy some holiday activities or practically anything else, you have come to the right place. The following is a collection of the happenings this weekend in The Big E.

Light-Up & Celebrate the Season at the Alberta Legislature

The Alberta Legislature’s annual Light-Up and Celebrate the Season is coming home for the holidays with musical performances throughout the month of December. Close to 70 musical ensembles from across Alberta will be featured on the rotunda’s grand staircase with daily performances. The Legislature grounds will be featuring thousands of lights – perfect for a festive meander with a loved one – and at the centre of it all, a 60-foot spruce dressed with over 5,000 sparkling lights.

Who – This event is for all ages and admission is free! Everyone can enjoy the Legislature’s...

Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a topic of particular importance to modern consumers. As more consensus is reached regarding how humanity’s actions affect the planet’s climate, it has become clearer to more people that environmentally conscious efforts are the best way to move forward. Here are some of the top technologies and methods to boosting the energy efficiency in your home.

1. Smart Home Technology

Many new smart appliances and other home tech (including temperature control systems) have the ability to link to mobile devices. This allows homeowners to monitor their energy output with real-time data. Some smart appliances even have the ability to pair with smart thermostats like Nest, which can monitor who is in the home and what is in use, adjusting energy use of devices and ...