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Edmonton Shines as One of Canada’s Leading Job Growth Cities

Canada saw its unemployment rate dip to 7.2 percent during the month of November when 59,300 new jobs were created. Statistics Canada released its report this past Friday. The agency noted that the month had the strongest numbers of the year, not only in quantity, but in the quality of jobs. The majority were full time, and in the private business sector. Average hours worked also ticked up by 0.2 percent during that same month.

Not surprising, some of Western Canada’s metro areas had the best employment numbers. On top was Regina at 4.0 percent, followed by Edmonton at 4.1 percent and Calgary with 4.7 percent, all well below the national average.

Report stats far outdid what economists were predicting. Those in the know expected a gain of some 10,000 jobs, expecting the weak summer numbers to carry over from the third quarter into the fourth. The third quarter of 2012 did see only a 0.6 percent growth.

The Bank of Montreal’s Doug Porter,...