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First Floor & Basement Condos, Who Say's They Suck....

Got a call from a user on our website that was looking for some information on an investment property he had. He started talking about the flaws of owning a unit on the bottom floor of a condominium project and the inconveniences it can provided.

Being on the bottom floor of a condo project sometimes isn’t the best situation but there are many benefits to owning a first floor or basement unit.

  • First floor and basement unit are more times the most affordable units in the building.
  • First floor and basement units can definitely keep you cool on hot and humid summer days. Saving you money on air conditioning and electric fans.
  • Perfect for people who have mobility issues.
  • First floor condos are close to the parking lot, building entrance, mailboxes, laundry facilities and recreational facilities.
  • Go CRAZY!! If you have kids or like loud music there is nobody underneath you to complain.
  • If the building ever needs to be...