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What To Do After You Have Been Denied A Mortgage....


Have you found your dream home but were denied a mortgage? A problem with your application doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be stuck paying rent for the rest of your life. There are ways of working around issues like debt; credit ratings and low income so don’t despair.

Appeal the Decision - First, find out what the issue was and rectify it. After it has been addressed resubmit your application. A little restructuring can go a long way.

Find a Guarantor - If you were denied for a second time it might be a good idea to find a guarantor. It can be a great help but the deal is only as good as the guarantor’s credit. In fairness don’t resort to this unless you have to because...

Cleaning & Preventing Mold


Mold is one of the most dangerous substances you might have in your home right now. A single spot of mold can release spores that spread throughout your home, letting the mold grow and thrive under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, in areas around your basement and even on the walls in your living room. Those spores can also aggravate those suffering from asthma or allergies and lead to sinus conditions. Even if you clean your home regularly, you can still have mold growing in the walls or other areas that you can't see. Preventing mold from growing can help you family stay healthy.

Prevent Mold

Every time that you take a bath or a shower, wipe away any excess water with an old towel. Standing water and excess water can all lead to mold growth. Walk around your...