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Edmonton Infill Police

Edmonton Infill Police Looking After Residential Development and Residents

Consisting of peace officers, development officers and safety codes inspectors, Edmonton’s infill police have been operating since July 2016. Until the beginning of November, they have inspected over 300 properties under construction.

Their job is to ensure that builders maintain their construction sites clean, tidy and fenced. To date, they have issued more than 100 fines and nearly 400 warnings. The police discovered 61 infill properties without a development permit or in violation of the issued permit. The builders responsible will have to modify the homes or halt their activity and obtain a new permit.

As the infill police have been operating for a relatively short time now, a major part of their work is to educate builders, owners and other parties involved in the residential development process. Their main goal is to bring major improvement to construction practices and bring down...

Smart Appliances: Edmonton Homes of the Future

Smart technology has facilitated a dramatic shift in the way we live and work. Thanks to tech like smart phones, the easy access we enjoy to computing power is unprecedented. Smart technology has redefined the way we interact with the outside world, now it wishes to change how we do things inside the home. In the near future, Edmonton homes could feature some of the newest tech the world has to offer, impacting Edmonton real estate significantly.

Many products already in stores for consumers feature functions that allow users to connect to their smart phones. Some dishwashers and laundry machines can be operated entirely from your phone, including the ability to set cycles and monitor water and energy efficiency. There are microwaves that have sensor technology that can set cooking times automatically. Preparing decadent meals can become easier with new stove tops which...

Tips for Running an Airbnb Property

Airbnb tips

Since it was founded in 2008, Airbnb has seen exponential growth in the vacation rental industry. The innovative company is not without its controversy but, regardless, it remains the easiest way for virtually anyone to list their property for vacationers. If you are considering renting your property on Airbnb, here are some tips to success.

First of all, quality photography makes a huge difference. Consider hiring a professional photographer as the average quality of photographs on the site is quite high. If you are an inexperienced photographer, it will show in your photographs.

Second, a considerable amount of time must be devoted to this process if it is to be successful. Dedicating some time each day will increase your chances at solidifying clients. Since an Airbnb rental requires multiple interactions...

Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles, Potential Game Changer

Why Tesla’s solar roof tiles and home battery are potential game changers

On October 28, renewable energy innovator Tesla unveiled its newest product. The company makes a venture into roofing with its new solar roofing tiles. Despite, maybe, people’s initial reaction that may have been similar to “Ok?”, the tiles are functional solar panels that could represent something significant – perhaps, a positive change in the relationship between consumers and renewable energy.

Well sure it looks really cool, but what the actual expletive is the big deal? Why does cosmetic value matter when the true point is sustainable energy?

The new tiles may just represent another product whose cost (immediate or acceded) will no doubt be expensive to implement and will still not achieve the mainstream success needed if a true difference is to be made. Though, on the contrary, they may not.

Looks are Pretty Important

Aesthetics are easily paid no mind...

In Search of the North: Zillow’s Canadian Real Estate Searches Rise In Lieu of Trump Win

hitch hikerIn the fallout after Donald Trump’s unexpected – or maybe expected – win in the American presidential race, Canada could be looking at an influx of population from its southern neighbours. It would appear that large swaths of Trump opposers are looking to jump the world’s largest unguarded border and flee to the Great White North to escape their perceived doom.

The prospective American emigrants managed to crash Canada’s immigration website on election night and the following day with, essentially, an unintended DoS (Denial of Service) attack; not to mention, huge traffic increases in the search terms “Canada immigration,” “Canada,” and “move to Canada” in the U.S were reported by Google Trends.

Seattle-based real estate database Zillow Group is...

Top Places in Edmonton to Get Your Dessert Fix

Top Places in Edmonton to Get Your Dessert Fix

We all have those moments where the only thing we wish for is the warm (or cold), sugary embrace of our sweet treat of choice. Here are a few places in Edmonton that you can go in those moments to find some sweet, sweet respite.

Duchess Bake Shop

This little bake shop on 124 St. has garnered extended national and local media coverage in addition to numerous accolades, including being called “one of the world’s best bakeries” by the Globe and Mail and making it onto Buzzfeed’s list of “23 bakeries around the world you need to eat at before you die.” Enough said? Its vast selections of handcrafted traditional French pastries, pies, cakes and macarons make for not only a delicious dessert but a visual one as well.

You can find Duchess in the trendy neighbourhood Inglewood & ...

Edmonton Real Estate Stats - October 2016

September’s residential average sale price in the Edmonton continues to remain resilient. It is a good time to buy. With lower inventory coming into winter months, so it is valuable for buyers to have a suitable selection and reassuring for sellers to see continued strength in average sale prices.

Edmonton Real Estate Stats October 2016

Edmonton and Area Real Estate Stats