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5 Remodeling Upgrades That Might Not Add Resale Value

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As a homeowner you know you should be spending money on remodeling projects, maintenance and home repairs in order to keep looking its best and operating at peak. Some maintenance projects add beauty to your home, like kitchen and bathroom upgrades, making it more attractive to potential buyer and improve functionality. Sometimes, homeowners decide to add a feature to their home what will provide enjoyment or whimsy, and the hope that these features will be seen as adding value to their home at the time of sale. However, many of these projects may seem attractive to the owner, but may be seen as an eyesore, unattractive or even too expensive to maintain, thus detracting value. Before you start calling contractors to schedule appointments, it’s best to make sure that you’re not spending a lot of money on one of these low...

Should I Buy A Home Near An Edmonton School?

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There are many different criteria to consider when purchase a home. One of the most common requests, especially from families with children, or young couples planning on having a family, is if there are schools nearby.

There’s a good reason for this. If you consider the average home owner stays in the same house for at least five years and young couples planning on having families even longer, then, where the children will go to school becomes one of the most important aspects for choosing a home.  kids walking to school in edmonton alberta

If, and yes this still happens, Mom stays home and doesn’t work outside the home, the children can walk to and from school without the...

Can You Buy A House with An Alberta Private Mortgage?

Alberta Private Mortgage Can Help You Buy A House Even With Poor Credit

you can buy a home with poor credit using an Albert Private MortgageBanks generally require a credit score of 680 or above, in order to put a mortgage in place. This, of course, bars many from the mortgage from a bank or traditional lender. Although it is only one of the requirements for obtaining a mortgage, the does play a large factor when attempting to get a traditional mortgage.

It isn’t just poor credit that will keep an otherwise worthy buyer from purchasing a home.  Many people such as contract workers or self-employed, for whatever reasons, do not disclose all their income or have not been in a contract or self-employed long enough (typically able to show 2 years of steady contract or self- employed earnings) to qualify for the traditional mortgage....