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Edmonton Real Estate Stats - December 2016

The average monthly selling price for single family homes increased by 3.95% and 6.39% for duplexes and rowhouses relative to October 2016. Condominiums experienced a minor decrease in price of 1.68% relative to October 2016. Prices for single family homes grew 1.76% relative to November 2015. November’s unit sales dropped 11.41% relative to the same period last year.

Edmonton Real Estate Stats  December 2016


Recent Study Shows Millennials Prioritize Travel

According to a recent conducted study examining the priorities of millennials, travelling abroad ranked higher than most of what else might concern a young person – this included priorities like buying a home or car, savings and retirement funds, and even paying off debt. It seems that the up-and-coming generation of Edmontonians will be buying less Edmonton Homes and more plane tickets.

The study involved approximately 1,000 participants aged 18 to 35 in the U.S., U.K. and China. It posed a question to millennials: What are your priorities for the next five years? The study’s aim was to determine the emphasis that those of the younger generation place on travel and what will influence their travel decisions.

In the U.S., participants gave savings and investment funds the position of highest import, closely followed by travel and vehicular purchases. Also, travelling sat higher than becoming a home owner.

In the U.K., travelling and savings sat virtually...