Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a topic of particular importance to modern consumers. As more consensus is reached regarding how humanity’s actions affect the planet’s climate, it has become clearer to more people that environmentally conscious efforts are the best way to move forward. Here are some of the top technologies and methods to boosting the energy efficiency in your home.

1. Smart Home Technology

Many new smart appliances and other home tech (including temperature control systems) have the ability to link to mobile devices. This allows homeowners to monitor their energy output with real-time data. Some smart appliances even have the ability to pair with smart thermostats like Nest, which can monitor who is in the home and what is in use, adjusting energy use of devices and smart appliances accordingly.

2. Efficient Heating Systems

Keeping houses warm in cool months of the year is a huge expense for homeowners, especially Edmonton homeowners. Since we live in Canada, the Edmonton Real Estate market knows all too well how important heating is. Innovative heat pump technologies can improve burner efficiency while still heating a space as desired. Many of the latest gas heat pumps can reduce heating costs by 30-45% while still operating at a low cost. Geothermal heating, also energy efficient, is also gaining traction. If you want to maximize your heating efficiency, incorporating passive-solar heating with efficient window systems is also an option to reduce heat loss and power consumption.

3. Window Controls

Windows contribute to some of the highest heat loss points in any home. Low R-value windows exist and can be implemented to curtail heat loss. Some advanced window systems contain sensors and have the ability to monitor sunlight and adjust shading accordingly. Insulated shutters also contribute to heating efficiency at night.

4. Improved Lighting

LED Technology is ever improving their energy output and light quality. LED lights offer the most light for the least energy cost and they are extremely safe. Additionally, advancements could double the energy efficiency and lifespan of LED lighting in the near future.

5. Efficient Roofing

Many roofing deficiencies contribute to large amounts of energy loss. In a warm climate, many roofs don’t insulate well from the heat. As a result, air conditioning costs go up to counteract the home’s continuous warming. Cool, the use of light coloured shingles would deflect heat and light, keeping the interior of the home cooler. This concept can certainly be applied to Edmonton homes in the summer months, especially as average temperatures go up.

6. Smart Power Strips

One of the most common causes of energy waste in a home is phantom power. Phantom power is created by electronics that are plugged in but turned off. These electronics can leech up to 8% of a home’s power. Advanced power strips can monitor power supply of whatever is plugged in and decide what gets power based on use. If a device is turned off, not in use, or fully charged, energy flowing to the device can be reduced or completely shut off.

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