It’s All About the Staging – Home Staging That Is

When you hear the word staging you might think of theatres and how the stage is perfectly set for each scene. Selling you home means getting it out into the spotlight, putting it center stage so to speak. Home staging puts your homes best foot…er…foundation forward, helping you get a quicker sale and a higher sales price.

Start With Curb Appeal

Go out to the front of your home and take a long, critical look. If you’re selling in winter make sure the sidewalks and driveway are clear of snow and ice and a nice clean welcome mat is in place. Most home sales are in the warmer seasons. That means a nicely mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs and well cared for flowers should be part of the picture. You may need to add a fresh coat of paint, power wash the siding and/or give the windows and entryway a good cleaning. Polish up the door hardware to make a lasting impression.

Getting Rid of Excess Clutter

Rooms that have too much stuff look smaller and in most cases are not appealing. You may love a zillion magnets on your fridge, along with the dozen pieces of art crafted by your nearest and dearest but that doesn’t help home sales. Start packing all these family valuables before you put the for sale sign up. Go through each room and sort out the things you want to keep from what you want to sell or give away. The best way is to rent a storage locker until you’re in your new home. It’s also an easier move once you’re cleaned out and organized.

Can You Say Clean?

Clean absolutely everything. That includes the closets that until your recent clear out were barely touched. The kitchen and bathroom floors, counters, appliances and fixtures should sparkle. Use environmentally approved cleaning items to avoid triggering allergies in potential buyers. They also tend to have less invasive scents. Don’t forget the backyard, patio and pool if you have one. Have pets? Be sure and clean up after them. You don’t want a prospective buyer stepping in an organic land mine.

Go For Neutral Colors

New paint on a home can help its resale prospects. Try to use neutral colors such as light tans, ivories or light pastels. Open floor plans should all be painted in the same color. Painting each wall a different color may be sheik but it doesn’t help with sales. Light blues and greens are restful colors and look good in bedrooms. Just don’t make them too bold.

It’s All About the Architecture

If the rooms in your home have special features, highlight them. A fireplace usually takes center stage so place your furnishings to complement it. Open floor plans are sometimes a bit tricky. Figure out what makes the best use of the combined kitchen, dining and living space. Use recessed lighting to accent high or vaulted ceilings. Replace worn light fixtures with something that adds pizzazz to each room.

The Not So Little Things

Window treatments can make or break a sale. If you have shutters make sure they are clean and in good repair. The same goes for window blinds. Try and keep curtains and drapes neutral. Light and airy window treatments let more of the outside in. Make sure your carpets are clean and the hardwood floors polished and in good shape. A spring of flowers and a few candles in the bathroom won’t go amiss. Neither would a nice bouquet or bowl of fruit on the dining room table. Adding just enough of the little things makes a home inviting and can lead to a quicker sale.

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