How Can I Sell My Home Fast?

Now that you’ve told the world “I’m selling my house and I want to do it fast, you’ve got some work ahead of you to ensure that you meet your goal and look good to all their audience. Here are a few tips that will help sell your home fast in Edmonton and surrounding areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 587-803-0444.

Prepare your home

The first thing to look at are the colours. Colours play an important part in how your home “feels” to prospective buyer. Neutral or muted colours on the walls work best. There is less of a chance that someone will just not like vanilla than there is that they will not care for bright orange right? While you’re living in your home, whatever colours suit your décor are fine, but  when you’re selling, it’s a different story. You may want to consider painting the walls with something more neutral before you list the house. A fresh coat of paint is a huge selling feature and not a great expense. The buyer needs to be able to imagine his or her furniture in your house and do a mental move in in order to consider making an offer. Neutral colors help create that atmosphere.

Show that your serious about selling.

It may seem simplistic, but a buyer will expect to see some signs that you’re planning on moving around the house. Otherwise,they may think you’re just testing the water and not make an offer. Leave some boxes stacked in the garage or even a corner of the living room as a sure sign that you’re planning a move.

Do some quickie upgrades
Depending on the age of your home, your faucets and fixtures may seriously date your home. Putting new faucets in the kitchen, all the sinks, showers and baths sometimes can update the whole room.  This small investment can add a lot of appeal and help your home sell faster. Make sure your lighting fixtures are new and up to date as well. Old light fixtures tend to turn buyers off. Remember, your home is competing with new homes and show homes that are all slick and modern. Dated fixtures make a home look old and tired. The idea is to modernize the look of your home.  

Clear and minimalize

Remove any unnecessary or worn items and furniture from all the rooms. Less is more when you’re trying to sell your home. Rooms cluttered with furniture and unnecessary items tend to look smaller. Keep your décor as plain and simple as possible.  Messy, cluttered piles of “stuff” are negatives for buyers. Even if their homes are in the same condition, when they are shopping, you want them to see your home, not your collection of clutter, right?.

Show off the rooms as they are intended.
Show off rooms the way they were originally designed. If you converted a bedroom into an office or if it’s being used for storage, it’s best to convert it back into a bedroom. Stage it the way it was intended to be used. It might be best to Show off the rooms in your property as they were originally designed. It may be slightly inconvenient but the sooner you get an offer the sooner you’ll be packing to move.

Take pets out of the equation
If you have pets, make sure they aren’t in the house when it’s being shown. Pets can be a negative as some of your prospective buyers may be allergic to dander or simply not like animals in the house. Some sellers might be offended by this as their pets are part of the family. However it’s a miner concession if it means selling your home in weeks instead of months right, don’t you think?

Have your renter co-operate

Renters need to be instructed and prepared when you’re selling a rental property. Introdcue them to the real estate agent and let them know that they will the agent will give them 24 hours advance notice before showing the property. Ask them to vacate the premises before a showing if at all possible. Some renters will be very co-operative and others will not. This may effect how fast your property sells.

Clean up freshen up
As much as possible, make sure your home is clean and odor free. Especially if there are pet odors, litter boxes etc. Natural homey scents are fine so if you’ve a mind to, bake an apple cinnamon pie or cookies to create a homey feel.

Take your personality out of the house

Once you’ve listed your house, it is no longer your home, it’s a property that is for sale. Do your best to remove yourself emotionally from the transaction. Take out any items that make your home “yours”. Thinks like family portraits, pictures, trophy’s etc. should be removed. As much as possible it’s important that your buyers do not feel like there in “someone elses” house. The objective is to have them move their “stuff” in so that they feel like it is their home.

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