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Prefer Your Foods on the Fresher Side? Try Shopping at These Farmers' Markets Located Throughout Edmonton

Tired of eating the same packaged and processed foods? Maybe just looking to add something fresh and new to the diet? Perhaps there is a nagging feeling to eat some produce that is Edmonton grown and support local farmers. All of these are great reasons to try out one of Edmonton’s many farmers’ markets, where fresh ingredients are being sold next to local meat and produce. Here are three of the most popular markets in Edmonton to give beginners an idea of where to start:

City Market: The World’s Best Farmers’ Market

After a trip to Edmonton a National Geographic blogger named City Market Downtown the ‘Best Farmers’ Market’ in his year end ‘best of’ spectacular. If that’s not enough to pique interest then maybe the large selection of unique local products like Bacon Jam or Chipotle Honey will change minds. The market takes place every Saturday, year round, and relocates to City Hall during the cold months of winter. The market has more than 200 vendors showing up every weekend with a long list of new stores trying to get a place in Edmonton’s famous City Market.

Try Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market for a Day Out

Old Stratchcona Farmers’ Market was founded in 1983 in an empty lot (now the free parking lot for the market) with only 10 vendors selling locally farmed produce and hand-made crafts. It’s come a long way since then with over 300 vendors being rotated around and 130 vendors at the market every Saturday to provide locally grown and created food and art to its customers. The highlight of the market is easily the Toast Kitchen, the concession and café that make meals out of ingredients found at the market or locally sourced in Edmonton. This provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to taste the kinds of meals that are possible to create with the food all around them.

A Unique Culture at French Quarter Farmers’ Market

For four hours every Sunday inside La Cité Francophone community centre can be found the French Quarter Farmers’ Market. This Bonnie Doon market has made it their mission statement to cater to the foodies of Edmonton by bringing in some of the city’s finest food carts to give quick eats to the locals while they shop for fresh groceries. Being indoors gives them the luxury of never being rained out and they have teamed up with local artists and entertainers so that visitors can experience the culture while enjoying a neighbourhood they may not have otherwise visited. Farmers’ markets are gaining popularity as the world starts to think about what they are eating and start searching for fresh ingredients to take the place of the processed food that is found in most diets. Edmonton has no shortage of markets to cater to the population, with new ones popping up in different neighbourhoods. People like eating healthy and supporting Edmonton farmers and this is a fantastic way to do both.

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