First Floor & Basement Condos, Who Say's They Suck....

Got a call from a user on our website that was looking for some information on an investment property he had. He started talking about the flaws of owning a unit on the bottom floor of a condominium project and the inconveniences it can provided.

Being on the bottom floor of a condo project sometimes isn’t the best situation but there are many benefits to owning a first floor or basement unit.

  • First floor and basement unit are more times the most affordable units in the building.
  • First floor and basement units can definitely keep you cool on hot and humid summer days. Saving you money on air conditioning and electric fans.
  • Perfect for people who have mobility issues.
  • First floor condos are close to the parking lot, building entrance, mailboxes, laundry facilities and recreational facilities.
  • Go CRAZY!! If you have kids or like loud music there is nobody underneath you to complain.
  • If the building ever needs to be evacuated, being on the first floor provides the easiest routes.
  • In some buildings the ground floor units are larger than most of the other units in the building.

When it comes to main floor or basement condos one of the biggest concerns people have is security. There are some very easy and inexpensive measures people can take to secure their units.

  • Get an alarm system
  • Put chimes or bells on your doors and windows
  • Lines your windows with cacti
  • Put bars on your windows

Here's a list of some first floor and basement unit condos: Edmonton Condos For Sale

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