Edmonton Mortgage Documentation Checklist

Verification of Income:

Salaried or Hourly Wage Employees

  • Letter of Employment on company letterhead with name and contact information for party authorized to verify the information; must state minimum guaranteed income/hours, rate, tenure and position

  • Most recent pay stub: showing year-to-date earnings if possible

  • Most recent T4 or ROE*

  • Most recent 2 years’ Notice of Assessment

*These items may be requested if you are not guaranteed hours

Self – Employed**

  • Most recent 2 years’ Notice of Assessment

  • Most recent 2 years’ T1 General with Statement of Business Activities

  • Articles of Incorporation with list of directors or shareholders

  • Business Registration

  • Corporate Tax Return/T2 General

**Any two or more items in this category may be requested, depending on the particulars of your business structure. NOTE: If you are a retiree, please provide documentation to verify pension, CPP, disability income, etc.

The Property (House, Condo, etc..):

For Purchasing

  • Purchase Contract (including all amendments and addendums)

  • A copy of the MLS® Listing

  • Copy of Deposit Cheque (this often makes up a portion of the down payment)

For Refinancing or Mortgage Transfer

  • Recent Mortgage Statement

  • Property Tax Assessment

  • Fire (House) Insurance Policy

  • Legal Description of the property

  • Appraisal (check with the mortgage broker)

Down payment

    • 3 months account history for the source of the down payment. Make sure the statement has your name and account number showing so the lender can see you’re the owner of the funds. If any portion of the down payment was recently deposited into the account the lender will request documentation to verify the source.

    • If you’ve received the down payment as a gift, then a gift letter (template available) will be required.

    • If funds are coming from the proceeds of sale of another property, you will need to provide the Purchase Contract, MLS® Listing sheet and Mortgage Statement for the sold property.

    • If the down payment is coming from another source not listed please let us know so we can determine what will be required.

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