Drones: The New Way to Sell Edmonton Real Estate

Drones: The New Way to Sell Real Estate

A great number of real estate companies are turning towards drones to sell their properties. Although this option is not authorized in every city of the world, Edmonton MLS® has gained a lot of resources by using this flying device which shoots compelling photographs.

Reasons for Using Drones

While this option is still pretty new for many real estate agents selling Edmonton homes, it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Before, real estate agencies would use it to sell luxurious properties which needed a shot from every angle. Here are a couple of reasons why more and more companies felt the need to turn towards the use of drones:

  • It beats ground-based photography – Try to compare a photograph of the front of a house with the dramatic angles provided by drones. You just can’t beat that.
  • They won’t only impress sellers – Indeed, while potential buyers are the main target here, those aren’t the only people attracted by such a method. Once sellers looking for an agent see how well the advertising is done, they won’t think twice about choosing this company.
  • It makes buyers feel like they're at the cinema – When used to present house interiors in a video, the images taken by a drone will give every presentation a cinematic feel.
  • It makes the house look more attractive – Not all properties are equally beautiful when photographed from a ground level. This is why a drone allows you to use appropriate angles to enhance certain features which would normally have been less obvious.
  • It makes the property look bigger – Besides the fact that aerial photography can make a house look prettier, testimonials say that such images can also make it seem bigger. This will allow real estate agencies to sell the house in the shortest amount of time.
  • It shows off the land – Edmonton MLS® companies use drones not only to show off the walls of a house but also to present the entire neighborhood. Schools, parks, and everything in the area can be revealed using a bird’s eye view with the drone.
  • It’s a cheaper alternative – Before, if you wanted such panoramic images, you would have had to hire a helicopter pilot to fly you around. Many real estate agents confirm that using a drone to take these aerial shots has significantly improved their economic situation.

And let’s be honest – sellers are demanding drones to show off their houses. It’s a known fact that Edmonton properties are sold much faster once drones are brought into the equation.

An Option to Save Time

Considering all of the above, drones are most appreciated for the fact that they save time – for both buyers and sellers. For example, if the place is not suitable for the needs of a potential buyer, that may not be visible in the photographs. On the other hand, if a drone has been used to film the entire space, the buyers will be given a view of the house without even having to get out of their own homes.

If a house is put on the Edmonton MLS® market without proper aerial footage, the process will be rather lengthy: potential buyers need to schedule a visit for the house, see it and then take the time to “think it over.” On the other hand, footage from a drone will provide a virtual tour enough to save two weeks worth of “visiting and deciding.”

Using the Right Technique

A real estate company may have the latest technology on the market, but if they have no idea about how to use it right, then everything will be in vain. This is how drones are used in Edmonton MLS® advertising to get the best shots:

  • Drones are required to be between 1 and 55 pounds.
  • Every drone needs to be registered and given permission.
  • One shouldn’t fly a drone more than 400 feet high, and it always needs to be kept in eyesight.
  • Drones shouldn’t fly over vehicles, people, or private settings. It is not only impractical but illegal as well.

Drones have significantly improved the rate of success in selling Edmonton homes over the past few years. Companies state that if things keep going this way, drones will be standard equipment for most brokers. 

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