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Automated Home Security System

Security is a top priority for many homeowners. No one wants to come home to find their valuables stolen and personal property damaged. Even worse, no one wishes to find themselves at the mercy of an armed intruder; those who've experienced such an ordeal sometimes end up traumatized, living in fear in what should be their safe haven.

Fortunately, with today's affordable and versatile technology, homeowners can avail themselves of a wide assortment of devices to prevent unwanted intrusions and decrease the chances of being the victim of a break and enter.

Automated security systems allow homeowners to construct a personalized security system that is flexible, reliable, multi-faceted, and easy to manage.

DIY or Professional?

Home security systems can be as simple or complicated as you'd like. The typical configuration consists of an in-home dashboard, or alternatively, the capability of being controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet, etc. Depending...

Real Estate Now Using Augmented Reality Technology

Real Estate Now Using Augmented Reality Technology

With her new wine bar opening in Somers, N.Y. (Winchester County), Stephanie Small took a long time to decide on which countertop she should get.

She was concerned about the durability of the countertop as well as the price and what was troubling Stephanie the mast was that she couldn’t envision how the countertop would appear on the 16 feet long bar both from the inside and the outside through the window. She stated that she spent several hours attempting to visualize this and could not make it happen.

She had a friend that worked in the countertop industry for a company called Cambria, they are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and manufacture countertops. Her friend told her that the company released a brand new augmented reality app, and that this was able to apply digital images to the real world that could be observed through...

Buying Real Estate With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

How Blockchain Technology May Change Real Estate

There is no doubt that Blockchain has had a significant influence on the financial services industry and you will be hard pressed to find a segment of it that has not been impacted by this technology. The use of Cryptocurrencies has strongly impacted currency exchange, remittances and payments of all kinds. There has been the introduction of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and this has strongly challenged venture capital, the investment in stocks and loans for start-ups.

There has been a significant impact from Blockchain on the Real Estate sector as well. It was unthinkable until recently that making transactions via digital channels was even possible for real estate and other high value assets. Transactions in real estate had always been performed in the “off line” mode through face to face interactions with a number of parties. But this has now been challenged through the use of Blockchain. Blockchain...

Edmonton Open Data

With Open Data about Edmonton you can Discover all manner of things

Back in 2010 Edmonton began making its data public. An official city policy was passed on public data in 2015 and this has lead to people, schools and businesses making requests for precise data sets.

The city’s Open Data platform allows people to find out amazing things such as Edmonton’s best yards, types of 311 complaints per neighbourhood and even which book is requested most at its libraries.

Open Data was in receipt of around 160 requests last year and was able to fulfil data sets for around 154. In the past, information has either not been available or privacy concerns prevented requests from being fulfilled.

Soumya Ghosh is the director of Smart City and commented that the size of the data wasn’t important but its application...

Hi-Tech Garden and Lawn Maintenance Tools

3 Hi-Tech Gardening Tools To Take Your Gardening To The Next Level

Technology is becoming a regular convenience in our everyday life. Many of the things we couldn't do years ago we could now because of technology. One of these things is gardening. With the new technology on the market today, gardeners have the ability to use their smartphones to enhance their gardens. Hi-tech gardening tools take the hassle out of gardening. How? By allowing you to use sophisticated plant monitoring technology and tools. If you live in Edmonton and you’d like to take your Edmonton home gardening efforts to the next level this post is for you. 

Plant Sensors

Plant sensors allow you to track the humidity, light levels, soil moisture, air temperature and the level of nutrition in the soil. A plant sensor lets you know the status of your garden especially if you have other responsibilities in your life that take you away from your garden. If you have an Android or IOS phone,...

Living Like The Jetsons

Six Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

As technology moves forward, we are beginning to see significant advancements in smart home technology. Smartphones and smart technology give us the ability to do many of the things we couldn't before. With smart real estate technology, we have more convenience in the home. More people are seeing the benefits of turning their homes into smart homes. If you are interested in turning your Edmonton home into a smart home, then the six steps in this post will help you to do so.

 What Is A Smart Home?

A smart home is a home that uses integrated automated systems that allow homeowners to control different functions in their home with their smartphone, laptop and tablet devices.

1. Smart Lighting

Lighting is a critical part of you home, and with smart lighting, you can control the lights in your home with your smart device. Smart lighting is perfect for setting the mood in your home...

Drones: The New Way to Sell Edmonton Real Estate

Drones: The New Way to Sell Real Estate

A great number of real estate companies are turning towards drones to sell their properties. Although this option is not authorized in every city of the world, Edmonton MLS has gained a lot of resources by using this flying device which shoots compelling photographs.

Reasons for Using Drones

While this option is still pretty new for many real estate agents selling Edmonton homes, it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Before, real estate agencies would use it to sell luxurious properties which needed a shot from every angle. Here are a couple of reasons why more and more companies felt the need to turn towards the use of drones:

  • It beats ground-based photography – Try to compare a photograph of the front of a house with the dramatic angles provided by drones....

Smart Appliances: Edmonton Homes of the Future

Smart technology has facilitated a dramatic shift in the way we live and work. Thanks to tech like smart phones, the easy access we enjoy to computing power is unprecedented. Smart technology has redefined the way we interact with the outside world, now it wishes to change how we do things inside the home. In the near future, Edmonton homes could feature some of the newest tech the world has to offer, impacting Edmonton real estate significantly.

Many products already in stores for consumers feature functions that allow users to connect to their smart phones. Some dishwashers and laundry machines can be operated entirely from your phone, including the ability to set cycles and monitor water and energy efficiency. There are microwaves that have sensor technology that can set cooking times automatically. Preparing decadent meals can become easier with new stove tops which feature two ovens that...