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Edmonton Real Estate Selling Tips

Can a man cave improve resale value?

Edmonton man cavesBasement builders are seeing a rising popularity in ‘the man cave”. More basement renovations in Edmonton include transforming the home’s lower level into a room custom-built for recreation and though it’s named for the man in the house, it’s typically used by the whole family.

A man cave can provide a space for entertaining, socializing, relaxation and personal time. It can make your home more enjoyable for yourself while you’re living in it, but can a man cave increase property value? What happens if you decide to sell your house?

The resale value of a man cave at resale can go either way.

Basement renovations do have value and a decent return on investment,...

10 Ways To Increase Your Home On A Budget

Looking for ways to improve your home without breaking the bank? Whether you're getting ready to sell your home or want to give your home a fresh new look for your own enjoyment, we've got 10 simple ideas for you to consider.

The best way to improve home values on a budget is to do what needs doing–and nothing more. Why buy a new ceiling fan when replacing the blades will do? Why paint the entire interior of your home when a feature wall will work just fine. Taking this approach allows you to make several small improvements instead of taking several larger projects. In short: Know your buyers. Choose projects carefully. Know when to quit.

The actual cost and payback for each project can vary, depending on both your home's condition and overall real estate market.


Turn Your Home Into A Rental


How to turn your current home into a rental property

Have you been preparing to move into a new home, but aren’t quite sure what to do with your old property?

You really have three options: sell, keep, or rent.

The key to making the right decision about what option best suits your situation is to research and be well informed, so take a look at a few of the tips and guidelines below. Hopefully this information will help you figure out whether renting is the best solution for you.

Down Payment

Want to get into your new home, but don’t quite have that down payment saved up? You can go the same avenues as first time home buyers, such as borrowing money from a family member, or applying for an unsecured line of credit, or, if you’d like to keep or rent your current...

Small Renovations Equal Big Payoffs

Before you go ahead with the high end, spare no expense kitchen and give your contractor the green light, you might want to consider what the return on that investment might be. Too many times home owners do renovations that are far beyond the value that their home in their neighborhood will return on their investment. In some cases it may even make it more difficult to sell your home. If you're making the renovations because it's what you want and how you want your home to look and feel, that's fine, just don't expect the next buyer to place the same value on it.

I once listed a house that had installed copper tiles on the ceiling. Granted they were beautiful and the home owner loved them. The problem was, no one else did. What prospective buyers saw was a ceiling that made the room appear much smaller and the high cost of removing all those tiles and refinishing the ceiling. Needless to say the seller was incensed and it took months to sell that house. When it did finally sell, it...

Bring In More Buyers With These Spring Home Staging Tips

With the warmer weather and sunny days of spring, you also get rain showers and spring flowers blooming everywhere. To make the most of the season, and of course the fact that there are more buyers out looking for homes this time of  year, especially in Edmonton where warm weather is a real treat, we've collected some useful tips for maximizing your visibility for your spring home sale.

#1. Whip your yard into shape. You absolutely need to get your yard in shape as quickly as possible when you're selling in the spring. Get rid of any yard debris and  plant frost-resistant plants that won't be affected if there is a late cold spell. If that's too big a concern, you can cheat and invest in some silk flowers to add a touch of color that you don't need to water.

Do some spring cleaning, both inside and out. It's natural to want to put an added sparkle on everything. Now with the sunshine streaming through the windows...any streaks or dust on them shows up....

7 Ways We Help You Sell Your Home

As a seller, your primary objective when selling your home is to retain as much of your equity as possible. Few sellers realize that by pricing their home properly and according to the condition and location of the home as well as the market results in a faster sale which also means a higher price at selling.

If a home is priced to high, there may be few viewings, and typically no offers. The longer a home sits on the market, the less value it holds to the buyer. Buyers are not just looking at your property. They are looking at numerous properties in their price range. That means your property is competing in every way with every other property on the market that it is comparable to. It is important that the MLS does not sell houses. The MLS is only a listing service and all it can do is expose your property to active realtors working with buyers. Realtors...


When you’re selling your home, it’s obvious the first priority is that you keep as much of your equity as possible.  Sometimes the high commissions paid to realtors might seem a bit much for you. Although without doubt the commissions are quite fair and realtors work hard for what they do, not to mention their high cost of doing business, licensing fees, real  estate board fees, and the list goes on and on,  it’s still quite understandable that sellers would like to keep as much as possible.

Low Cost Listing Fees

Commission free listing services flourish in a sellers market. When there are less properties available than there are buyers, it’s a bit easier to sell your home.  With the sheer numbers of buyers looking for homes,  the chances of you selling your home yourself or with a company like Comfree that operates with a flat...

How Can I Sell My Home Fast?

Now that you’ve told the world “I’m selling my house and I want to do it fast, you’ve got some work ahead of you to ensure that you meet your goal and look good to all their audience. Here are a few tips that will help sell your home fast in Edmonton and surrounding areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (780) 328-0944.

Prepare your home
neutral interiorThe first thing to look at are the colours. Colours play an important part in how your home “feels” to prospective buyer. Neutral or muted colours on the walls work best. There is less of a chance that someone will just not like vanilla than there is that they will not care for bright orange right? While you’re living in your home, whatever colours suit your décor are fine, but  when you’re selling, it’s...

Tips For Preparing For An Open House

Buyers generally  make their decision to buy a home within the first 5 seconds of entering the house. This is something few sellers realize. Yet, it this is the fact.

This should clearly point out how important that curb appeal, the front door and that first glimpse of the inside of the house is to prospective buyers. Everything is taken in within that first 5 seconds. From the colors, the atmosphere, the cleanliness, it’s “hominess” and with the five senses in play, emotions are ignited.

So what should you, as a seller pay attention to when you’re preparing your home for sale and an open house? Color and light are usually the first thing people notice when entering a room.  Since painting is an inexpensive update can make a dramatic impact on your home, if your walls haven’t been painted...

Is An Open House Really Worth Your Time?

It's a never ending debate...Does holding an open house work? Realtors and home owners alike are evenly divided on this strategy which has been used for a long time. In the days where people actually drove around looking for houses to purchase, this was a very strong selling feature. Statistics show that the number of times  the actual home that the open house is being held in is sold from holding that open house are very low. For a Realtor this isn't necessarily a negative, since anyone attending the open house is a potential buyer; if not of this house, or another home similar. For a Home Owner, selling their own home, It might not be the most effective strategy, but you can't say for sure that the buyer of that home won't attend your open house either. 

It’s a never-ending debate that has become more heated in recent years. Do open houses provide...

How to Get People to Your Open House

As a Realtor, one of the questions sellers always ask is, "will you hold an open house?"

Some Realtors feel open houses don't sell homes, others will go out of their way to "sit" an open house. Sitting at an open house most assuredly will not help sell that house. There's a lot of preparation that needs to go into holding an Open House in order to make it successful. Advertising that means something to the buyers that you're trying to attract is primary, but there's a skill to advertising that goes beyond having your "open house" appear in The Real Estate Weekly, (does anyone read those anymore?) or on a google map with a pin and an address. Going the extra mile is what makes an open house successful.

At BestEdmontonRealEstate.com we specialize in...

How to Fix Scratches on Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, scratches are inevitable, even if you are careful. The majority of wood floor scratching is caused by pushing something heavy, like an appliance, over the floor. Scratches can also be caused by pet's toenails, and by small pieces of stones or dirt that people track into the house. Follow manufacturer instructions and schedules on refinishing your floor to get the longest life and beauty out of your hardwood floors.

When you're planning on selling your home, the perfect gleam of hardwood is a fantastic selling feature. Here is a 6 step method for removing minor scratches and putting a beautiful polish back on your floor.

If a scratch has penetrated deep enough to expose bare wood, there’s a low-effort way to conceal the imperfection: Simply fill it in with a stain that matches the floor color. Stain markers...

How to Paint Over Ceramic Tile in a Bathroom

It seems a shame to tear out perfectly good tile from a bathroom just because you don't like the color doesn't it?  So what's the alternative? 

You can paint over ceramic tile walls in a bathroom, but you will lose some of the interesting characteristics of tile since the grout lines will be the same color as the tile.

First, let's talk about what you can and cannot paint. I would not recommend that you paint any tile surface that gets wet repeatedly. If you try to paint your shower surround or even your tub itself, you will be cleaning paint chips out of the bottom of your tub within a matter of weeks. It just won't stick. There are professional services available that will paint your ceramic appliances and fixtures. Things like your antique claw foot tub, your toilet, and shower stall can be painted with a highly specialized product that requires a good deal of skill to use....

15 Best Tips For Selling Your Home in the Spring

Spring is the optimum time to sell a home. Regardless of whether it's a buyer's market or a seller's market , inventory almost always rises in the spring. Why? Because the largest number of buyers are actively searching for a new home during the months of April, May and June.

Tip: If your home has been languishing on the market since the holidays, take it off the market. Give it a chance to "cool down" for a few weeks before putting it back on the market. Nobody is going to look at your home in the spring if the days on the market show it's been on the market for several months. Buyers gravitate toward fresh, new listings!

Here are 15 things you can do to improve the odds that your home will stand out among the sea of...

10 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Christmas Season

You can attract home buyers even during the Christmas Season!

10 tips

From November through January is sometimes considered the worst time to put a home on the market. You might be thinking that selling your home the winter months might put a kink in your holiday celebrations but, the season does have its advantages: buyers looking at homes over the holiday season tend to be more serious and they know the competition is less since fewer homes are being actively marketed. You should first decide if you really want to sell. If you’ve decided you do, then don your holiday apparel and follow these tips from TheBestEdmontonRealEstate.com  .

1. Don’t Overdo the Décor!
too much decor...

5 Remodeling Upgrades That Might Not Add Resale Value

upgrades before and after

As a homeowner you know you should be spending money on remodeling projects, maintenance and home repairs in order to keep looking its best and operating at peak. Some maintenance projects add beauty to your home, like kitchen and bathroom upgrades, making it more attractive to potential buyer and improve functionality. Sometimes, homeowners decide to add a feature to their home what will provide enjoyment or whimsy, and the hope that these features will be seen as adding value to their home at the time of sale. However, many of these projects may seem attractive to the owner, but may be seen as an eyesore, unattractive or even too expensive to maintain, thus detracting value. Before you start calling contractors to schedule appointments, it’s best to make sure that you’re not spending a lot of money on one of these low value projects, especially if you are planning...

Staging Tips: How to Stage Your Edmonton House or Condo for a Successful Autumn Sale

Staging Tips: How to Stage Your Edmonton House or Condo for a Successful Autumn Sale

Home staging is a valuable tool for the home seller. It gives potential buyers the chance to see how the house or condo could look if they lived there. Some people buy new furniture if their own tastes are too eclectic while others will repaint all the walls a neutral colour so they don’t deter anybody. People who haven’t had any luck on the market may even invest in a professional staging company to give their home its best shot at selling. There are plenty of tips for home staging for every season and here are 5 tricks for staging an Edmonton house or condo for autumn.

Don’t Go Overboard on Seasonal Decorations

Fall colours can go a long way when selling a house or condo in the autumn months,...

Selling Your Edmonton Home? Boost Your Curb Appeal

 Selling Your Edmonton Home? Boost Your 'Curb Appeal' with These Three Inexpensive Home Makeovers

When somebody is looking to buy a new home their first impression will always be from the photos they are given, which can be easily manipulated to show off the best aspects of a property. So if the photos are intriguing enough what would the next step be? Almost all prospective buyers will drive by the house to see for themselves how it looks in person and if they make an appointment this perspective will be their opening into the home. For sellers to make their chances of closing better they need to make sure their property has ‘curb appeal’ and thankfully there are ways to do that without breaking the bank.

Keep the Lawn and Gardens Well Maintained

Any slight disturbance in the lawn...

It’s All About the Staging – Home Staging That Is

When you hear the word staging you might think of theatres and how the stage is perfectly set for each scene. Selling you home means getting it out into the spotlight, putting it center stage so to speak. Home staging puts your homes best foot…er…foundation forward, helping you get a quicker sale and a higher sales price.

Start With Curb Appeal

Go out to the front of your home and take a long, critical look. If you’re selling in winter make sure the sidewalks and driveway are clear of snow and ice and a nice clean welcome mat is in place. Most home sales are in the warmer seasons. That means a nicely mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs and well cared for flowers should be part of the picture. You may need to add a fresh coat of paint, power wash the siding and/or give the windows and entryway a good cleaning. Polish up the door hardware to make a lasting impression.

Getting Rid of Excess Clutter

Rooms that have too much stuff look smaller and in most cases are not appealing. You may love a zillion...

Six Renovations You'll Want to Avoid

The joke about Canadian roads is that we have two seasons, winter and construction. The same can be said about the real estate market. That extends to homeowners that plot and plan all winter long on how they will improve their living space as soon as it’s warm enough outside to mix cement and swing a hammer. This is an admirable pursuit since maintaining and improving a home can not only make you more comfortable but also increase your home’s value. The trick in achieving the latter is knowing which home renovations to take on.

If you’re modifying your home to your personal taste and are planning on being there a while, go ahead and put in the bathroom with the purple walls and black star-studded ceiling. But if you intent is to put your place on the market in the near future, you might want to be a bit more conservative. The following are some renovation tasks you just might want to take a pass on because they do little to increase the value of your home and might actually deter buyers.

I Want A Pool