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Canadian Home Ownership Rates

For The First Time In Forty Five Years Canada Experiences Falls In Homeownership Rates

Are you put off from homeownership by the ever increasing real estate prices in Canada these days? Statistics Canada have released the latest census for 2016 and it clearly shows that homeownership rates are declining. The rate of homeownership in Canada is now lower than it has been for the past ten years and it is the Millennials that are suffering the most.

Rate Of Home Ownership In Canada

More Than 45 Years Since A Decline Like This

The Census 2016 records indicate that homeownership rates across the country are falling. Across the whole of Canada the homeownership rate stands at 67.8%. Compared to the 2011 Census this is a 1.73% drop. If you look at the figures over...

The City of Edmonton's Growth in 2016

Edmonton's Growth

A Brief Look Into The Growth Of Edmonton

If you are looking for one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, then Edmonton is the city that should definitely be on your radar. Reports from the city show that Edmonton is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in Canada the best thing about all of this is that this growth is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

According to the information in the 2017 Annual Growth Monitoring report, Edmonton is facing some challenges with this rapid expansion.

Before we move on here is a quick definition of what the Annual growth report is. The 2017 Annual Growth Report is a report that gives an overview of different information such as the growth, demographics and various developments which are happening in a particular area.


Some of Edmonton's Top Neighbourhoods

Edmonton Top Neighbourhoods

Edmonton Top 5 Neighbourhoods

When looking for a place to live there are many things you must consider. Things like the commute and the different amenities available. Are you thinking about moving to Edmonton and need to find the right neighbourhood? Well, this post should give you some direction to help you find the right place for you and your family. In this post, we’ll take a look at Edmonton’s Top 5 Neighborhoods. After reading this post, you should know more about the top areas in Edmonton and find one that suits your needs.

Grovenor, Zone 21

Looking for an affordable neighborhood that’s...

What Is Infill and Why Does Edmonton Need It

Edmonton Infill Houses

The urban environment is constantly changing and this affects the lifestyle of all residents of Edmonton. One of the major projects undertaken by the City is the Edmonton infill which has been in effect since 2010 and has achieved considerable progress to date. Here you will learn the most important things about it and how the city and the owners and buyers of Edmonton homes will benefit from it.

Understanding the Infill Concept

While it is applied in various spheres of life and scientific fields, the concept of infill is most commonly used in residential development and construction. It is the filling of empty lots within existing neighborhoods. That is why it is often formally referred to as urban infill. Most often, the term is used to describe the building of single-family homes....

Edmonton Infill Police

Edmonton Infill Police Looking After Residential Development and Residents

Consisting of peace officers, development officers and safety codes inspectors, Edmonton’s infill police have been operating since July 2016. Until the beginning of November, they have inspected over 300 properties under construction.

Their job is to ensure that builders maintain their construction sites clean, tidy and fenced. To date, they have issued more than 100 fines and nearly 400 warnings. The police discovered 61 infill properties without a development permit or in violation of the issued permit. The builders responsible will have to modify the homes or halt their activity and obtain a new permit.

As the infill police have been operating for a relatively short time now, a major part of their work is to educate builders, owners and other parties involved in the residential development process. Their main goal is to bring major improvement to construction practices and bring down the stress for...

Top 10 Edmonton Neighborhoods For 2016

1. Strathcona - This neighborhood offers a wide variety of style and class due to the many independent, locally owned stores running up and down Whyte Avenue.

2. Glenora - The scenic touch comes from the Saskatchewan River valley. The river is just one of the natural scenes; it is also accompanied by the McKinnon Ravine.

3. Ritchie - The residents enjoys good access to the nightlife of nearby Whyte Avenue and the Mill Creek Ravine entertainment district.

4. Westmount - This neighborhood  has been going through a revitilization period with some home owners building new construction or rehabilitating their current home.

5. Oliver - This central community offers shopping centers, lofts, and apartments from old converted warehouses. It has a cutting edge feel.

6. Garneau - This area are mixed with high rise condominiums,...

Top 10 Edmonton Neighborhoods For 2015

1. Strathcona - Located in the South-Central area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a lively neighborhood called Strathcona. The University of Alberta is conveniently located directly to the West of Strathcona. The ever popular Whyte Avenue is the center point for this area bringing life, culture and excitement to the community.

2. Glenora - Glenora is a great residential neighborhood in west Edmonton. Besides, its prime status of a neighborhood, it also has a scenic touch. The scenic touch comes from the Saskatchewan River valley. The river is just one of the natural scenes; it is also accompanied by the McKinnon Ravine. However, the natural charm of this residential area of Edmonton, Glenora offers many other features.

3. Oliver - Oliver is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Edmonton, Alberta. The community was named after a businessman and politician, who lived...

A Guide to Buying a Home Based on a School District

Buying a home is never easy, and there are always lots of different factors to consider. If you have children, you’ll quickly find that a school district can be a deciding factor in whether or not a home is a good fit for you. Edmonton School District No. 7 is Edmonton’s largest public school district, while Edmonton Catholic School District No. 7 offers a variety of Catholic schools to choose from. When buying your home, you’ll want to carefully evaluate the school district around it in order to ensure it’s a good fit for your family. Here are just a few of the factors you’ll need to consider.

Look at the Numbers: Test Scores, Grad Rates, and Teacher Ratios

A school district’s average test scores will tell you a lot about the quality of education in that district, but you often won’t get the whole story from just one metric. When you look at the...

Eat Fresh – Mothers Farmers Market


Spring is doing it’s best to push through in Edmonton. The temperatures are back to normal spring weather and today the sun is shining in a clear blue sky. It just feels like spring out there doesn’t it?  It’s still a bit early to plant the garden, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying fresh local produce.

It's great to live in a city that has such a wide variety of shopping venus. If you aren't the box store kind of shopper and prefer hand crafted, home baked and home grown stuff, the taking a wander through some of the various farmers markets in Edmonton is a real pleasure. There are several farmers markets in Edmonton. This past weekend we wandered over to Mothers Market at 10251 – 109 St.  They are indoors so regardless of what the weather is, it’s...

Things To Do In Edmonton During Spring Break (March 27 -April 6th 2015)

spring break

Is it that time already? It seems we just got past Christmas and already it's spring break!

With the snow all but gone in Edmonton, and as long as Mother Nature doesn't see fit to dump a whole new load on us, Spring Break 2015 should be a fun time. Kids are restless and wanting to spend some time out doors and out of the classrooms. Hopefully they won't spend their free time glued to their video games and cell phones. There are a lot of things to do in the city come spring break. Here are some suggestions. What is your favorite Spring Break Activity?

Rattle and Strum : Friday March 27th 10:30 a.m.
Maclab Center for Performing Arts - 4308 -50th St. Leduc

"The recipe for fun? Take a scoop of toe-tapping tunes, add a dash of silliness, then rattle and strum until you’re ready to fall over! Rattle and Strum gets kids...

Spring In Edmonton

The weather has been very pleasant for the last few weeks hasn't it?  All the early signs of an approaching spring are here.

This morning, gazing out the kitchen window preparing my morning coffee, I caught a glimpse of birds flutting in the backyard. They're a welcome sight and their chirping just makes the day seem brighter.

The snow is quickly disappearing and more and more people are seen outdoors with light winter coats and jackets. Of course, to the southern birds among us, this is still very wintery, but for we hardy Canadians, it's spring. Even if the trees have not yet put forth any buds, and there aren't any crocus's brave enough to poke through the light layer of snow, it's certain that spring is close and that's enough to get people thinking of gardens,...

10 Favorite Outdoor Winter Activities in Edmonton

Do you often wonder what there is to do in Edmonton in winter? The easy answer is PLENTY!

Edmonton has a full slate of activities taking place throughout the winter months. Everything winter sport is available in this city. All you need to do is bundle up in  your warmest  winter clothes and  head out the door.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites. I’m sure you’ll find something in this mix to help get you outdoors this winter.  Be brave and  adventurous; try something that you’ve never done before! Fill this winter with memorable experiences your whole family will cherish.

elk island1.  Jump in your car and head over to Elk Island Park and spend a day with the animals. The Animals all come out in the winter months to forage for food.  It’s only a 40 minute drive from the city and...


edmonton winter skyline

If you ever hear anyone lamenting that there is nothing to do in the Edmonton in the winter, hand them this list and ask them to pick. There are many things to do and see in this city in the winter.  From Art Galleries to Fantasy Land, if you run out of ideas, start from the beginning again.
Alberta Legislature Building at Christmas
1. Alberta Legislature Building.Surprisingly, there are many people who’ve lived in this city for many years; some even born and raised here that have never been Inside the Legislature Building. Go on a guided tour and learn the history behind this architectural monument....


Living in a northern climate where the winters are long and cold, it’s best to learn to celebrate the season.  The City of Edmonton is much farther north than Montreal, but certainly does not take second place to any city when it comes to winter festivals. If you think there isn’t anything fun to do in Edmonton in the winter, you’re in for a huge surprise. All that’s required is that you have the willingness to pull on some warm clothing and head outdoors. The weather is not dreadful; it’s delightful once you get out with your family and friends to enjoy the festivities.
deep freeze

  1. The Vikings are back! Deep Freeze, The Byzantine Winter Festival festival...

Fresher Food, Edmonton Farmers Markets

Prefer Your Foods on the Fresher Side? Try Shopping at These Farmers' Markets Located Throughout Edmonton

Tired of eating the same packaged and processed foods? Maybe just looking to add something fresh and new to the diet? Perhaps there is a nagging feeling to eat some produce that is Edmonton grown and support local farmers. All of these are great reasons to try out one of Edmonton’s many farmers’ markets, where fresh ingredients are being sold next to local meat and produce. Here are three of the most popular markets in Edmonton to give beginners an idea of where to start:

City Market: The World’s Best Farmers’ Market

After a trip to Edmonton a National Geographic blogger named City Market Downtown the ‘Best Farmers’ Market’ in his year end ‘best of’ spectacular. If that’s not enough to pique interest then maybe the large selection of unique local products like Bacon Jam or Chipotle Honey will change minds. The market takes place every Saturday, year round, and...

Family Friendly Communities In Edmonton

Having a Baby and Need a Larger Home? Consider a Move to These Family-Friendly Communities Throughout Edmonton

Living in the middle of the city is great for young professionals and newlyweds, but when it’s time to start a family it may also be time to start looking for a bigger home in one of Edmonton’s nicer neighbourhoods. There are plenty of family-friendly communities in Edmonton and each one has its own benefits. It may take some time, but it’s just a matter of searching before finding the perfect place to raise a family.

Jamieson Place: The Complete Community

One of West Edmonton’s most sought after residential neighbourhoods, Jamieson Place is home to Michael A. Kostek School, a popular elementary school, and provides access to South Edmonton locations like the Edmonton...

Zoning in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton has bylaws and regulations in place regarding how property owners can use land in the region. These areas include those specifically zoned for commercial or residential properties. Start by looking at the residential zones, which cover areas restricted to homes and residential properties.

RF1 is a zone restricted to single detached properties, which means that the only homes allowed in this area are single family residences. RF2 is a low density infill zone that allows duplexes and other multiple family dwellings, but most of the zone features single family homes. RF3 is a low density redevelopment zone, which means buildings must contain four or less units. The area also houses a handful of row houses and properties designed for individuals and small families.

The residential small lot zone, also known as RSL, is a zone designed for single family homes. These homes often feature garages, but the homes often have small lots with little land attached to the home. RPL is a planned lot residential zone that features multiple...

Go West Working Minded Man or Women – Alberta Has Jobs

You know you have something going for you if you can entice the Irish away from those 40 shades of green. Or convince the British that it’s ok if you’ve never ridden a horse before, come to Alberta and see the biggest rodeo show on Earth. While you’re at it, there’s a whole lot of interesting money making opportunities in the province, why not stay a while?  And that old proverb about “East is east, west is west, never shall the two meet” has also met its match in the Alberta oil sands. In all these cases, it’s go west and you shall find jobs a plenty.

This is not a myth. Take for example a Calgary based electrician that has roughly 200 workers employed. Of those, 70 originated in Ireland or England. The boss himself is a transplant from Manchester, England. It’s not that he hasn’t tried to hire local but advertizing in Canadian papers just doesn’t bring the needed response. The lack of ready, qualified people is costing money by forcing that firm to turn down work.

To help...

Edmontonians Love the Suburbs, But the City Centre Has Its Own Appeal

Edmonton is bursting at the seams, literally. Developers have consistently built out rather than up, increasing the city’s footprint as the population heads farther and farther into the suburbs. The appeal of more house and/or land for the buck is enticing even if long commutes and less at home time with the family are part of the package.

That dependence on the automobile has garnered a bit more scrutiny of late. Yes, Alberta is king as far as oil production in Canada and gas prices are not something the province should have to worry about. But there is still the environmental factor. Car designers have come up with more energy efficient models, and that is a great help.

There is also the issue of public transit. Extending bus, subway and metro lines is expensive. While it would be nice to connect each suburb to the city via one of these methods, the low density in suburbia means a lower tax base. The money just simply isn’t there, at least in most cases.

Enter the developers with the vision of building in the suburbs but modeling...

Smart Urban Designs Popping Up In Edmonton

Build a comfortable home on a lot only 25 feet wide? Surely you jest. But for members of the Infill Development in Edmonton Association, or IDEA, this is the new reality. The newly minted group, launched this past Thursday has 50 founding members. This is a private launch, with a public outing scheduled for the fall.

The group was formed after City Hall announced its intention to increase infill development throughout the city. Currently it’s at roughly 19 percent. City fathers want to see that grow to at least 25 percent. The changing of the zoning laws is getting a considerable amount of pushback, largely because the infill process is misunderstood.

Infill is basically taking a large plot of land and dividing it up, allowing homes to be built on smaller pieces. Opponents fear this will cause devaluation of their properties and the construction of structures that are not pleasing to the eye. The creation of IDEA is not only for those interested in infill construction. The group will provide a central source of information explaining the...