Can You Guess The One Word That Makes You Rich?

Buying a home, especially your first, can be a challenge; a challenge that teaches you many things, like setting a goal and working towards it's completion, determination, perseverance, overcoming obstacles along the way, planning a budget and sticking to it. Many wonder how it is that some manage to do this with seeming ease, while others struggle and never get there. It's often assumed that they are smarter, or richer than the others. Achievers are not that much different than anyone else. They have the love of one word in common.

There is one word at work that is a true gift. One word that will make you feel happy and bring a jolt of joy to everyone who sees it in an email, IM, or text. It’s the one word you love reading more than any other – you’ll always hear it spoken to you before a raise, a promotion or an announcement of an achievement.

The reason you love this word is that it's written every day. It shows team progress, and is free to everyone, anywhere to use at any time. It speaks to us of our accomplishments, as individuals and teams alike.

Have you guessed the word yet? Before I share the word with you, I’d like to share withyou why it will make you rich and consequently happy. First, let's be clear about what I think about wealth or being rich. Being rich is more about achieving what you have dreamed of accomplishing. It’s that AHA moment when you have worked diligently to accomplish something and now see the vision of  it’s completion within your grasp.

Many think of being rich as having $1 million in the bank, or buying a fancy shiny new expensive car that they’ve wanted since high school, or that mansion that says “I’ve arrived.” For many others, wealth means community service, overcoming an addiction, or finally earning that long sought after degree. For many though, being rich means having $1M in the bank or buying that fancy car that they have wanted since high school. But for others, wealth is defined by their community service, overcoming addiction, or finally earning the degree that they abandoned 20 years ago.

I’m not alone in thinking of this word as the word of riches.  90% of respondents in a recent survey believe that success is more about happiness than money or prestige. 60% of the respondents said success means "loving what you do for a living"; only 20% said success is defined by monetary wealth.

Have you figured out what the one word that will bring you massive treasures is? The one word you can write down, anytime, and it will make you rich is “DONE.”

Does that surprise you? Ok, stay with me a minute so I can explain why this word is so powerful.

A Confidence Builder
The more tasks you complete, the more your confidence grows and the more challenges you will take on.  Writing “Done” to your colleagues, boss, spouse, family and friends means everything. It’s sort of like crossing items of your  to-do list, but in a much more powerful and collaborative way. With each task labeled “Done” you gain the confidence to take on new and more difficult challenges, and thus continue to grow.

Many people don't like asking for help. But when they do, it’s likely because they really need something from you. You now have an opportunity to thrill that person when you respond with "Done" which to them means, you’ve completed their request. This helps them get to their own personal "Done" too. Writing "Done" reminds everyone that they are part of a team; your team, and that they all have a key role.

Highlights your value
When you write the word "Done," it reinforces your contribution and shows you’re able to get the work done. It your reputation for being trustworthy, reliable, and dependable.  It is our accomplishments that satisfy our internal ambitions.

Those who love and respect the word "Done" always are hard workers  and have deep reservoirs of stamina. Their satisfaction comes from being productive and helping others along the way. Oddly enough, they also happen to be the people who are rich. Why? Because they are driven to use their talents to achieve greatness. They are driven to work hard to achieve their own goals as well as ensure their team or all those around them to be productive and terrific too.

The satisfaction that comes from pushing through what you thought were your limitations and finally being able to write in big bold red letters the word “DONE” not only provides wealth in a monetary sense when it is connected to a work task, but also that feeling of immense achievement that money cannot buy, which leaves you truly rich.

Now, do you agree that writing the word “DONE” can make you rich?

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