Bring In More Buyers With These Spring Home Staging Tips

With the warmer weather and sunny days of spring, you also get rain showers and spring flowers blooming everywhere. To make the most of the season, and of course the fact that there are more buyers out looking for homes this time of  year, especially in Edmonton where warm weather is a real treat, we've collected some useful tips for maximizing your visibility for your spring home sale.

#1. Whip your yard into shape. You absolutely need to get your yard in shape as quickly as possible when you're selling in the spring. Get rid of any yard debris and  plant frost-resistant plants that won't be affected if there is a late cold spell. If that's too big a concern, you can cheat and invest in some silk flowers to add a touch of color that you don't need to water.

Do some spring cleaning, both inside and out. It's natural to want to put an added sparkle on everything. Now with the sunshine streaming through the windows...any streaks or dust on them shows up. Clean the windows and the sills for sure, then get the rest of the house in sparkly selling form

#2. Box up your winter wardrobe. You probably won't be wearing those heavy winter coats, boots and sweaters again until next winter so why leave them in the closets adding clutter? Box them up and put them into storage. Take anything you won't be wearing again at all to the local thrift store. This leaves your home uncluttered and gives help to those in the community who need it

#3. Spruce up the entryway. The front door is the first contact your buyers have with your home. Even though it's early spring and perhaps plants aren't blooming just yet, you can cheat here too by placing silk plants in pots by the doorway. This adds a welcoming, cheery burst of color and sets the stage for what buyers can expect behind the door. A good thing to note is to make sure the outside of the doors are clean and dirt free. Often the inside is remembered but the outside is forgotten. Remember, visitors see the outside of the door first. 

#4. Bring spring aromas indoors. With all the flowers blooming outdoors, spring is more than just a burst of color and sunshine; it's also a burst of beautiful scents. There is nothing like walking past a lilac bush in full bloom in spring. It fills the air, and you with a sense of well being. Bring some of those scents indoors. Rather than artificial scents, place lilacs and other blooming plants in strategic locations where your visitors will notice them, stop to pause a moment and enjoy the aroma, and of course, more of your home.

#5. Bring out the bright colors. Spring is a burst of vibrant and bright colors, not just flowers. Tuck away all the warm colors of fall and winter and toss around some bright spring colors. Change the sofa cushions to something more "springy" as well as the throws. If possible, change the draperies to reflect a more cheerful brightness. Even something as simple as a bright colored candle collection or a table scarf in a spring print can change the feel of a room. 

Remember, color and smell leave lasting impressions and evoke the senses with intense reminders of home, comfort and family.

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