7 Ways We Help You Sell Your Home

As a seller, your primary objective when selling your home is to retain as much of your equity as possible. Few sellers realize that by pricing their home properly and according to the condition and location of the home as well as the market results in a faster sale which also means a higher price at selling.

If a home is priced to high, there may be few viewings, and typically no offers. The longer a home sits on the market, the less value it holds to the buyer. Buyers are not just looking at your property. They are looking at numerous properties in their price range. That means your property is competing in every way with every other property on the market that it is comparable to. It is important that the MLS® does not sell houses. The MLS® is only a listing service and all it can do is expose your property to active REALTOR®S® working with buyers. REALTOR®S® work for a living just like everyone else does. If your home is listed on the MLS®, even for free, that does not mean that a REALTOR® is forced to sell it any more than if you walk into Sears, the appliance sales man is forced to show you ever appliance on the show room floor. It simply means your property is listed with all the other properties that are for sale at that given time. How you decide to incentivize the buyers agent REALTOR® is entirely up to you.

We at Best Edmonton Real Estate can list your property at varying price levels depending on what level of service you would like us to provide. With us, you get more than just a listing on the MLS®. You get to choose home much you're comfortable doing on your own and how much you'd like us to do. The advantage is, you get a whole team of REALTOR®S® rather than just one to work on selling your home.

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