10 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Christmas Season

You can attract home buyers even during the Christmas Season!

From November through January is sometimes considered the worst time to put a home on the market. You might be thinking that selling your home the winter months might put a kink in your holiday celebrations but, the season does have its advantages: buyers looking at homes over the holiday season tend to be more serious and they know the competition is less since fewer homes are being actively marketed. You should first decide if you really want to sell. If you’ve decided you do, then don your holiday apparel and follow these tips from TheBestEdmontonRealEstate.com  .

1. Don’t Overdo the Décor!

Home owners tend to deck their homes out to the nines during the holiday season, but sellers should take care to not overdo the décor. Decorations and adronments that are too large or too many will make your home look crowded and distract buyers. In order to not offend any buyers, make an effort to keep your holiday décor general, with winter decorations and not a specific, or any religious theme.

2. Be Sure To Hire a Reliable REALTOR®.

Many REALTOR®S® kick back from November to January. They too have the idea that no one is going to buy a house over the holiday season. But we know that’s not true. Many homes are sold during that time, but they are sold by hard working, conscientious REALTOR®S®. Be sure find someone who doesn’t take the holiday season off.  The easiest question to ask and get the answer you want when you’re interviewing your REALTOR®S® is “What are you doing over Christmas?”  That will tell you exactly what their attitude is. Having a REALTOR® that keeps working over the season will reduce your stress and give your home a higher chance of being sold.

3. Target motivated buyers.

You can bet that anyone house hunting during the holidays has a very good reason for doing so and is likely very motivated.  There are many who will have to relocate to a new job in the new year, or investors that  are on a tax deadline, college students and staff or military personnel. There are numerous reasons, but the fact remains that anyone shopping for a house is under some pressure to buy and with fewer REALTOR®S® working and less homes for sale, that makes your home sale much easier.

4. Be Sure to Price To Sell
Regardless of when you put your home on the market, homes priced low for the market will make buyers quicker to offer closer to asking, if not full price. Making gradual price reductions just means your home will be on the market that much longer. Any good REALTOR® will tell you that the first two weeks is when you get the best buyers. They won’t often come back and look at your home again when you reduce the price.

5. Curb appeal is a priority

Autumn might mean leaves falling and dead branches. Take care to maintain the exterior of your house. This applies all year but even more so during the holiday season. Bare trees mean more of your home is exposed. Touch up paint, clean gutters, sweep sideways, keep walkways and driveways clear of snow.

6. Take lots of quality pictures.

When the temperatures drop, house hunters will start their search from the comfort of their homes. They’ll be looking on line at homes and all they can depend on are your pictures. Try to provide your REALTOR® with pictures of your home in spring and summer but don’t omit winter. A good idea is to try to get a nice dusk shot with all the decoratons lit up outside, if you put them up. This always give the home a nice, warm inviting glow. The pictures in different seasons helps buyers see what the house looks like during the rest of the year as well.

7. Create a video tour of your home for the internet.
You won’t get as many people through your house during the holidays, usually because of the weather and vacation plans. That’s why it’s wise to shoot a video tour and post it in many locations on the internet. This will do more to attract buyers who don’t have time to physically come to your house or would rather not drive in a snowstorm. Video is a powerful tool, use it!
8. Make your home a cozy escape from the cold for buyers.  
Turn the heat up just slightly before a showing. Remember buyers have been out in the cold and the burst of warm air will be very welcoming. Play some soft classical music and offer them home made holiday treats as if they were guests in your home. If you encourage buyers to spend more time in your home, you give them more time to see all the features which will help them make a decision.
9. Offer financing as a form of holiday cheer.
Lenders are Scrooges these days, but if you have the means and can do it, then why wouldn’t you offer a home loan to the most serious buyers? You would get a good rate of return on your money and sell your home that much faster..

10 Stay Calm – The New Year is just around the corner.
All the gifts to by, dinners to prepare, baking to do, parties to attend and relatives to entertain make the holiday season stressful enough. Calm down, sit down, have a some eggnog and remind yourself that if you don’t sell now, then it will sell in the new year, and that is really only a few days away. Don’t fret! 


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This is quite a piece about how to sell your home in winter. Yes it's true that everyone is thinking of the holidays rather than buying a home, but there are good things that you can do to help those who are looking. Thanks for the tips!

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