10 Favorite Outdoor Winter Activities in Edmonton

Do you often wonder what there is to do in Edmonton in winter? The easy answer is PLENTY!

Edmonton has a full slate of activities taking place throughout the winter months. Everything winter sport is available in this city. All you need to do is bundle up in  your warmest  winter clothes and  head out the door.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites. I’m sure you’ll find something in this mix to help get you outdoors this winter.  Be brave and  adventurous; try something that you’ve never done before! Fill this winter with memorable experiences your whole family will cherish.

1.  Jump in your car and head over to Elk Island Park and spend a day with the animals. The Animals all come out in the winter months to forage for food.  It’s only a 40 minute drive from the city and the cost of admission is extremely reasonable. Take your snowshoes or cross country skiis and spend some time out doors. The fresh air and exercise will be invigorating. There are many other activities offered at Elk Island Park. 2. Cooking Lake Blackfoot Recreation Park Area sponsors many winter activities. Enjoy cross country skiing, wild life viewing, kite boarding, snow mobiling, sledding and ice skating to name a few. This area is also the venu of one of the most famous ski festivals Canadian Birkbeiner.

3. There are plenty of locations to downhill ski that are in or very close to the city. Dust offy our ski’s and poles and head over to Edmonton Ski Club, Snow Valley Ski Club,   Sunridge Ski Club or Rabbit Hill and enjoy an afternoon of exhilerating skiing with your family and friends.

4.  If  you’ve never tried Cross Country Skiing,  it’s really time you did! This is one of the most fun activities that only requires a pair of skiis and boots, and some warm clothing. There are trails right in the city in River Valley and the Stony Plain Golf Club is open for cross country skiing on the course as well as St. Albert Nordic Club and Kingswood Park on Sturgeon Road.

5. Grab your fishing poles, a thermos of warm coffee and do some ice fishing. Some of the best ice fishing spots in Alberta are at Gull Lake, and Sylvan Lake. You can also try Pigeon Lake, Lac La Nonne  and Hanmore Lake. Fresh fish for dinner in the middle of winter will be your most likely reward, not to mention the good feeling of being out in the cold crisp winter air for the day.

6. Skating is an all time favorite winter pass time. All you need is a pair of skates and some warm winter attire. There are plent of outdoor skating and  indoor skating rinks in the city.  But to really enjoy winter at it’s finest, the outdoor rinks are the best choice. The Victoria Park Oval at 12130 River Valley Road  is a great place. You can find the Strathcona rinks and times here,  Edmonton Community Rink here, and other outdoor rinks here.

7. Tobogganing and Sledding.  Remember all the fun you had as a kid getting all bundled up and dragging your tobaggan to the nearest hill? It’s just as much fun as an adult or a family. There are so many locations you could try a new one ever week.  Here are some of them”

8. Try something different with your family this year. If you’ve never been on a sleigh ride, it’s really time you did. The jingling of the bells and the smell of fresh hay is amazing. Take along a thermos of hot cocoa, or stronger beverage if you like and have an experience to be remembered.
9.  How about going dogsledding? That’s something different. This ancient form of transportation in the far north is quiet an experience. It will certainly provide your family with a deep appreciation of their automobile. And if Dogsledding is too much for you, the alternative, Snow Mobiling is a lot of fun. Even in -30, it’s great fun. Just be sure to dress very warm and wear a balaklava to protect your face.

10. Skijoring has been popular in Scandinavia and Alaska for many years. Its popularity slowly spread to other regions of the world. If you don’t know what Skijoring is, it’s a cross between dog sledding and skiing. A team of dogs are hitched together with a skier on cross country skis being pulled along behind .  It looks pretty simply but experience tells me it would be a bit of work managing the dogs and staying on your feet. This can be done with a horse pulling the skier as well…although in the deeper snow dogs would be your best choice.
These are just some of the things we enjoy outdoors in the winter. Do you have a favorite activity you and your family enjoy that you’d like to share? Please do share with us in the comments. It may provide isnpiration to those who traditionally hibernate until spring.

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